Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rock Chalk

My kids learned early that the two best colors in the universe are red and blue.  Purple is rarely seen around our house and definitely no black and gold.  They are already Jayhawks at heart even at this young age!! So S and J were thrilled to get to cheer on their favorite team at Allen Field House with their Pappou!  What a fun day!  Thanks Pappou!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sophia's 3rd Grade Christmas Program

The third grade's musical this year was The Christmas Story.  The third graders had the opportunity to choose their roles and decide if they wanted a speaking part.  Sophia chose to be an angel and of course opted to have a small speaking part!  That's my girl....she always wants to be the star of the show!

Here she is just before the program in her angel costume Yiayia found just days before.

Little Joseph....most excited spectator.

Oh my...trying to get all three in one spot with an anxious Sophia!

J paying very close attention:)

"And because there was no room in the Inn, they laid Him in a manger...."

Always so proud of this little girl...who loves to perform.  I love how fearless she is.  I love her enthusiasm.  I love how she sets such high goals and never looks back:) So proud of the little lady she has become:)