Friday, September 25, 2009


Accomplished. Today was the day! Sophia told me she was ready for me to drop her off at school so she could walk in all by herself! I had the camera....but I couldn't even take a picture of her walking in....I didn't really think she would do it....and when she did...well, my jaw dropped....and I just stared. Stared at her walking in....stared as her friend who got out of the car behind us walked up and put her arm on her shoulder. Stared as they so happily skipped into the building together without so much of a glance back. I was so proud of her...

She was so excited to tell me how proud she was of herself when I picked her up after school. "I want to do it again tomorrow," she said excitedly! I hated to have to tell her that tomorrow is Saturday! I loved watching her skip all the way home...not a care in the world. So proud of her accomplishment. I have a feeling we will have many more of those to come.

And here she is BEFORE her grand entrance....I had to snap the picture fast so as not to hold up the car line behind me!

A few other pics from our day....

Here's the bargain I found at Walmart today....(minus the cute matching blue and green ribbon that I still have to cut)

And last but not least... some pretties to make me smile. Unfortunately....I can't say they were from my husband. Someone he works with grew these. Their pop of color just makes me happy...

Happy Weekend....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One step closer....

She wasn't quite ready for me to drop her off in the car line today. We still parked the car....took Joseph out, and walked toward the building together....but today....she decided.... she was READY.....she hugged and kissed me OUTSIDE the school doors, and walked in all by herself without one look back!!!!!!!! I wasn't anticipating this unfortunately I didn't have my camera to capture the moment! Tomorrow she says she will be ready for me to drop her off from the car line......we will see. I will be excited for her to be so proud of herself if she accomplishes this....but a little sad that she won't need me to walk her in anymore.

Little J will surely miss our trips inside the school as he loves to greet every student and teacher with a friendly "hi!" He is definitely growing up too! He was finally able to fit into the outfit Thea bought him a mere six months ago....and it is still big! Isn't he handsome?

He is really into the Calliou tv show these days...but I'm thinking Curious George might be more up his alley! So curious about everything! Today we were reading a book that showed a picture of a I showed him a little pumpkin I had just bought last week....and he just couldn't get enough of it, studied it forever!

Next came his fascination with the trash and recycle cans! He just couldn't figure out how to get them to move. He saw the wheels and just couldn't understand why they wouldn't budge....obviously they were still full!!

"And hmmm... I've never noticed this window before..."

And could there possibly be anything more to be curious about in the backyard....of course!!! He fell in love with these red berries when he spotted them on the bushes! "Abble...Abble" he kept saying! Oh my...he thinks these berries are apples. Now not only do I have to worry about him falling off of the rock ledge, or trying to climb the ladder on the swing set when I'm not looking, or falling off the ladder to the I have to worry about him trying to put these "abbles" in his mouth! Who knew the backyard could be full of such adventures!!!! Just leave it to Joe!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Today was officially the last day of summer. Too bad it was such a gloomy and rainy day. But...when life gives you gotta make lemonade, right?

Every time I looked out the window seemed the rain had stopped....then the second I would step run an errand, pick Sophia up from school, or take Willie seemed it would just pour again. Argggghhh....I was irritated. But Sophia....loved every drop....because she couldn't feel one single one beneath all of her layers of rain gear! She was so excited to wear her new Hello Kitty raincoat and rain boots....and she looked darn cute in it!!! You'd think she was meeting Hannah Montana or something with the amount of time she spent getting ready.....too bad our destination was only the Walgreens just down the street!!

After two soccer games this weekend....I guess I was just a little happy about the rain today because it meant....

no soccer practice tonight!!! Hooray!

So, instead we spent the afternoon reading books...

playing hide and seek and of course singin' and dancin'! Check out our superstar's new microphone....She's a natural, don't you think?

And she's not just a singing superstar....Sophia is our new SOCCER star too! She had her first two soccer games this past weekend! She went from kicking the ball into the wrong goal during the first game to scoring a "legitimate" goal on her second game! WOW....she certainly did not get her athletic abilities from her mama!!!! She had quite the audience with Yiayia, Pappou, Omi, Papa, Thea, and Eryn all cheering her on! We loved watching her run her little heart out! She was so proud of herself!!!

Here are some pictures before her game on Saturday...

And here are a few more on the field and after the game. A Chic-fil-a lunch was definitely in order after all of her hard work!

Little Joe was busy checking out the girls his own age during the game. He just couldn't get enough of this little girl who was trying to sneak in a little nap! Awww too cute!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Back in the swing! The magnet board is FULL...the calendar is FULL!

After our trip to the cider mill... our bowls and our bellies are FULL. Here's my sweet little helper full of finger licking dough we mixed the peaches for our cobbler and rolled the dough for our apple pie!

Though they tease each other all around the house like silly little monkeys, and manage to outwit me in all that they do....these TWO...

with their contagious giggles, silly smiles, and endless energy...

make my heart FULL!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drivers Beware

Okay....I admit....after your haircut you do look like a little man...


Driving? your age?....Now that is a bit premature...don't you think, little J? Sure does look like fun though (especially in Thea's Eos!!!)

As you can see, this little guy is 1 1/2 going on 16, and such a curious little guy, I might add. In the few moments he spent in the driver's seat, he figured out how to turn the windshield wipers on, spray the windshield, turn the radio on and off and operate the climate control. Oh my.

And far worse than this underage driver....his partner in the passenger seat beside him. I don't think she'll be much help in the navigation department. She of course was too busy doing this...

But a girl's gotta look good on the road, right?