Sunday, April 28, 2013


NINE.  Only one more year in the single digits.  Where did the time go?

Too bad that this sweet girl had to sport a huge bandaid across her forehead for her birthday after an accidental falling out of her bed the week before:(  But she is still pretty as a princess!  She was so excited for this birthday.  Her only two get her ears pierced and an i-touch.  Both of which I was a little skeptical to do.  

We started the morning with a trip out for donuts...since she chose a donut themed party!  This little thing can eat donuts like they are going out of style.

Lots of pink requested for her decorations!

And a little loving from her brothers on her BIG day.  It couldn't have been a more beautiful day...just like the day she was born!

Here she is at Claires....scared to death!

She opted to do both ears at once and barely even flinched!  That's my brave little girl!

She chose some pretty little blue earrings and was pleased as punch with the result!

Here is the NINE year old beauty!

It was supposed to be a "girl's" trip...but J insisted on being in on the fun...and he was so excited to pick out some earrings for his big sister.  He.simply.adores.her.

Our sweet neighbors came for extra support and helped Sophia add to her earring collection!

Sophia and her BFF.

The rest of the crew!!

Back at home for cake and presents!

I know she made a great wish!

And here's a picture of her the night before when she opened her iTouch at dinner!

Nine years and this little thing has done nothing but make me proud.  Oh she has her moments...her tantrums, her headstrong personality.  But she also has a sensitive soul and a built in motherly nature.  She takes such good care of her little brothers.  She has HUGE imagination and aspires to be all things great.  She is a reader...a artist.... a soccer player...a drama queen and much much more.  She colors my world in so many ways.  Don't know what this Mama would do without her!  Hope all of your wishes came true Sophie P:)