Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Well....summer is officially here!!! We had a nice little relaxing weekend at home.  We spent Saturday cleaning.....never guessed repainting a few bathrooms (after stripping wall paper ) could be so messy!  Dust everywhere!!! I think the dust has finally stopped we just have to get the outside of our house cleaned up!!!! The bushes are calling my name....but after a bad weekend of allergy headaches...I'm not quite sure I'm ready to tackle that!

S and J had some fun Sunday afternoon with this sprinkler/beach ball... I guess S thought there might be a  deluge...thus her need for goggles...HA!   

Sam was not too fond of the sprinkler... it was too COLD...but of course he found some tables and chairs that looked suitable for climbing....can't EVER take my eye off this little guy!!!

We hit the new aquarium this morning....and the kids loved it!!!  We saw starfish (they even let the kids touch these)


lots of fish...

even some baby sharks, sting rays, and eels.

The jellyfish were fun to see....

and these baby sea horses were pretty fun too.  The kids had to answer questions in their booklets as we went along in order to earn their "medals" at the end!

All three...with their medals on!!

Lunch time at Panera is always a treat....

And thank you Mrs. B for snapping this cute picture of all three!!!  It's so rare for me to be able to get them all in one spot and looking at the camera!

And LUCKY me... I didn't have to cook for a few nights... our sweet neighbors made us a WONDERFUL dinner Sunday night and Yiayia and Pappou invited us for a cook out on Memorial Day!  WOO-HOO!!!  So fun to get a break from making and cleaning up dinner!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So long Second!

Our first baby is officially a THIRD-grader.  I got a little teary eyed today at pick-up while the boys and I were waiting for Sophia.  J of course asked why I was sad and I told him that the end of every year makes me a little sad because it just means my babies are getting a little older.  He told me that he would still give me hugs when he got that boy!

Here she is coming out of school...

She looks excited for summer, doesn't she?

She only had 2 hours of school this morning...basically just a Mass...but, look... she sure didn't forget to bring a book along just in case she had time to read!!! :)

Then we got ready for a little slip and slide party at a friend's house!  She's sooo excited about her new TWO piece!

And...well....he's ALWAYS too cool for school...

Our week this week was kind of a blur....but I don't want to miss someone's special day!  We didn't do much to celebrate....but when there is a birthday in our house....there is always CAKE!!! Happy Birthday B!  And.....YAY for excited to have S and J home every day!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Farewell Soccer Season...

Hard to believe that Miss S just completed her 6th soccer season!!!

This little girl LOVES to play soccer.....she never wants to miss a practice or a game....and like everything else she does....when she is playing... she gives it her ALL!!!

She scored two goals during this final game of the season....not counting all the others from the previous games.  I am SOOO proud of her because Lord knows she didn't get these athletic abilities from her Mama!!!!  If you could see the smile on her face when she is running down the field.....she makes it look effortless!

Yiayia, Pappou, Thea, and Omi and Papa have been regulars at her games.....and are definitely her best cheerleaders!! 

The team ended the year with a celebratory lunch where they presented Coach T with a soccer ball with all of their signatures! Great Season Green Lanterns!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

One year down....

Friday was J's last day of preschool for the school year. We celebrated with a little certificate presentation ceremony and popsicle party!   I feel like I blinked...and we went from the first day....

to the last!

J loved school from that first day...and hasn't looked back since!  I credit his marvelous teachers for his quick love of school.  They couldn't have been sweeter.  They couldn't have been more loving and more perfect for our very loveable little guy.

I will never forget how Joseph would run out of his classroom at the end of every day to greet me when I picked him up with that HUGE Joseph grin from cheek to cheek.  He would do cartwheels (literally) all the way to the car.

I love his enthusiasm!    I love how he makes sure to say (or yell) hello and good-bye to each and every friend....and yes...he will continue saying it until they say it back!

And though he isn't much of one to recount the details of his day...or even remember what book they read or snack they ate....his smile at the end of every day tells it all.

He is still our little guy, but he has definitely grown this year.  He can write his name, color nicely in the lines (if I can get him to sit still long enough), distinguish shapes, name the letters and their sounds, and identify most of his numbers 1-10.  He writes mostly with his left hand (just like big sister S), is a superstar at Crazy Eights, and can remember almost anything.  You would not believe the  landmarks he will remember in the car...He is better with street directions than his mama!!!  Now following directions...well...that is a different story...and one that we will work extra hard on this summer.  He asks a billion questions a day and ends each statement he makes with a "Right????" (ie.... "Sophia is getting her haircut today...right?????" or "I have preschool today, right????")

Lately we have been struggling to teach him to be more gentle.  He is highly excitable and sometimes playing gently with little Sammy ranks low on his list of priorities....pretty typical of 4 year olds... I am sure...but something we are trying to work on, nonetheless.

I am so happy he had such a good first year.....  But I'm definitely looking forward to having that smiling face all to my self again this summer:)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Preschool Mother's Day Tea

Friday was a special day for me...

Mr. J and I got to spend a little "alone" time together:)  I got to attend his Mother's Day Tea at preschool....just J and me.

He was looking a bit scruffy on desperate need of a haircut...and coming down with those yucky May allergies...but NEVER without a smile.  I LOVE that about him.

After some tea and muffins, his little classmates sang to all the mommies.  I had heard J singing these songs at home while he was playing (without even knowing he was singing them:)  It was supposed to be top secret.  The songs couldn't have been sweeter...the words couldn't' have meant more.

Oh...that little J....he can definitely be a pill some days....he can definitely test the limits....but for the most part he is the HAPPIEST, FRIENDLIEST little boy...and trust me when I say you will never meet another 4-year old with more personality.  What a HUGE gift he has been to our INCREDIBLY lucky I am to be his Mama!  God knew how much I needed that little Joseph...There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for trusting him to me.  And there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of the Mama who gave this sweetest gift to me.  She knew how incredible he was even then...and yet she trusted me...and allowed me the honor of loving him, caring for him, and watching him grow.  I am humbled every day by this gift...

J made me a book describing me....He said that I had brown hair, brown eyes, was 18 years old (YIPPEEE), loved to play legos with him, loved pizza and tacos, and that my favorite movie was "Cars." He wrote that he loves his Mama because "She loves me,"  OH BOY is he ever right about that!!!

They made us "Queen of the Day" chair covers...

And flower pots and flowers made out of their own handprints.

His teachers this year have been the sweetest...most loving teachers you can imagine.  The crafts and projects they have done have been out of this world.  We have been so fortunate that our little guy has had such an amazing year....I am so grateful that these teachers have helped Joseph to LOVE school...I am grateful for their dedication and energy.  And yet they would always tell me that THEY were the lucky ones to have J in their incredibly sweet....   They just got it...they completely understood how much this little boy means to me....and they loved him like I do....   Now if I could just keep him 4 forever...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

WELL-Checks complete for 2012:)

Whew!! I feel like I have a breather now until next January!  No more birthdays (kids' birthdays, at least) and no more well-checks until 2013!  Sophia had her 8-year well check today after school and before her soccer game (where she scored another 2 goals tonight:) proud of that little girl!!)

I am always sooooo relieved when we walk away from those appointments with a clean bill of health.  We are so fortunate.

Sophia's 8 year stats:
 Height: 49 3/8 inches    35% ( she grew 2 inches from last year)
Weight:  55 1/2 lbs        48% (she gained 3 1/2 lbs)

We have had a busy week....I am very ready for summer....looking forward to a more relaxed schedule...and having my biggest helper home again with me:)

Earlier in the week....  I got to go on the second grade field trip to Powell Gardens.  I had never been before and I was excited to get to go with Sophia.  We were blessed with GORGEOUS weather...  I had just four kiddos in my group and basically we got to tour the gardens on our own once we had participated in the BUG presentation.  Little did I know that during the hour-long talk....the covered aquarium that was sitting right next to ME housed "Rosie" the TARANTULA!!!  EEEKKKK!!!!

I took a few pictures with my phone (can't believe I forgot my good camera:(

Our picnic lunch!!

The quaint and soooo pretty....the view was breathtaking.  Our kids (being the good little Catholic school kids they are ....began singing Church hymns at the top of their lungs as we entered:)

We had a great day....but I was definitely exhausted by the time I came home.  I had a few in my group who liked to test the waters...and were always running off, and trying to keep tabs on them was exhausting in and of itself!  OH my!  Then I came home to my boys and realized Yiayia (who volunteered to watch them all day) was probably more tired than me.  I promise...there is never a dull moment here with Joseph and Sammy.

Tomorrow...Joseph's class is putting on their Mother's Day Tea.  They have been secretly practicing songs for us....sometimes I hear Joseph singing to himself  (the song about Mommies) when he doesn't know I'm listening.  It is the.cutest.thing.ever. Can't wait for this special little performance.  I'm so lucky to get to be his mama;)

And on another not so great note....

I had it in the stroller when we got the mail the other day...and later found it looking like this. I'm not sure whose little hands got a hold of it.....but I'm pretty sure they weren't my hands.  The good news:  IT STILL WORKS!!!!  It's driving B crazy....but as long as it's all fine and dandy with me:)