Friday, May 4, 2012

Sammy at 15 MONTHS!!

I took our little man for his.....15 MONTH well-check yesterday.  How, oh how can that be???? I had lots to chat about with Dr. W about this little guy.  Whew.....he is definitely a little (oops...I mean BIG) rascal.

He keeps our house a hoppin'...that's for sure...and I can't EVER take my eyes off of him.
At 15 months....

1.  He still is stingy with his words...saying only...."Mama" "Daddy" "Willie" and attempts at "Sophia" ( I guess that is just the SLP in me... always worrying about my kids' speech!)
2.  He LOVES ceiling fans and lights and points to them over and over!
3.  When he smiles that great big grin....we get to see all of his cute toothers!
4.  He loves to open ALL of my kitchen and desk drawers.
5. He has started climbing on chairs and when I left the gated prison (and by that I mean... our kitchen ) to answer the door this morning....and came back seconds later... I found him standing on the kitchen table with a fork in his hand....oh my...
6.  He loves to reach for my hand at the breakfast table.
7.  He loves to play outside and hold his broom and play with the balls!
8.  He DOES NOT like to come inside after playing outside and lets us know just that by belting out excruciatingly loud screams!
9.  He LOVES his sister like no other....and loves to play with little J's hair.
10.  He will soon be able to wear his big brother's clothes....there is only a difference of a few pounds between them....
11.  He LOVES his milk.....and though I have tried in vain to teach him to say "drink" or "milk" instead of incessantly whining for it.... all he will do for me is sign "please."  It is sooo cute when he does this.
12.  He still cries ALL night long.  This week there have been nights when he will scream.every.hour:(  He is often just standing in his bed crying with his eyes closed.  Poor little guy.
13.  He may just love chocolate as much as I do...YIPPEEEE!
14.  For lunch these days...he is happy with PB & J, fruit and some soft carrots.  Macaroni and cheese is a staple at dinner, although he ate half of my pizza tonite:)
15.  His favorite part of the day is picking up J from preschool and waiting for Sophia's class to come out for recess.  He gets this HUGE smile on his face when he can hear the kids come out from the cafeteria.
16.  He LOVES my vacuum and the red mop!!
17.  He tries to break free from the gates any chance he gets...and when he is successful he gives me the biggest"Ha, ha....look what I just did!"
18.  He loves to dance to Dino O'Dell's Alien song...
19.  He loves me to sing to him and signs "more" when I stop:) "Wheels on the Bus," "Twinkle...Twinkle" are a few favorites.  He also loves to listen to secrets.  When I whisper one in one ear...he will then quickly turn the other ear to hear it in that one too!

Here are his stats from his appointment:

Height:  35 INCHES!!!!! (<95%)
Weight:  28 lbs 13.4 ounces (95%)
Head Circumference:  20 1/4 (<95%)


Jenn said...

He is ridiculously adorable!!! Miss you all so much! He has gotten SO BIG! He has got several pounds AND inches on Danny!! They would probably have a blast together...Danny is into EVERY drawer too..although he can't scale the kitchen table yet ;) Maybe Sam can teach him that trick!!

koki said...

I hope he is working on mastering "Thea" next?!? Xxoo, Thea (duh, as J would say)