Sunday, May 20, 2012

One year down....

Friday was J's last day of preschool for the school year. We celebrated with a little certificate presentation ceremony and popsicle party!   I feel like I blinked...and we went from the first day....

to the last!

J loved school from that first day...and hasn't looked back since!  I credit his marvelous teachers for his quick love of school.  They couldn't have been sweeter.  They couldn't have been more loving and more perfect for our very loveable little guy.

I will never forget how Joseph would run out of his classroom at the end of every day to greet me when I picked him up with that HUGE Joseph grin from cheek to cheek.  He would do cartwheels (literally) all the way to the car.

I love his enthusiasm!    I love how he makes sure to say (or yell) hello and good-bye to each and every friend....and yes...he will continue saying it until they say it back!

And though he isn't much of one to recount the details of his day...or even remember what book they read or snack they ate....his smile at the end of every day tells it all.

He is still our little guy, but he has definitely grown this year.  He can write his name, color nicely in the lines (if I can get him to sit still long enough), distinguish shapes, name the letters and their sounds, and identify most of his numbers 1-10.  He writes mostly with his left hand (just like big sister S), is a superstar at Crazy Eights, and can remember almost anything.  You would not believe the  landmarks he will remember in the car...He is better with street directions than his mama!!!  Now following directions...well...that is a different story...and one that we will work extra hard on this summer.  He asks a billion questions a day and ends each statement he makes with a "Right????" (ie.... "Sophia is getting her haircut today...right?????" or "I have preschool today, right????")

Lately we have been struggling to teach him to be more gentle.  He is highly excitable and sometimes playing gently with little Sammy ranks low on his list of priorities....pretty typical of 4 year olds... I am sure...but something we are trying to work on, nonetheless.

I am so happy he had such a good first year.....  But I'm definitely looking forward to having that smiling face all to my self again this summer:)


koki said...

Sweetest. Boy. Ever!!! Happy summer j! Xxoo, Thea

yiayia said...

I LOVE this little boy!!!!! <3