Thursday, November 25, 2010

We are thankful...Thanksgiving 2010

It just really "felt" like Thanksgiving today...the house smelled of warm apple and pumpkin pies and the weather was brrrrr....chilly!  We got a few pics before leaving for Omi and Papas for the big turkey feast! Mmmmm...Thanks Omi and Papa for a delicious meal!!! 

Love the way these two are looking at each other in this picture!

Here is one of the leaves on our "We are Thankful Tree" this year!  Sophia even helped Joseph write his own leaf.  He was thankful for all of us....and of course his caRRRRRRSs and his lawn mower..too funny!

We relaxed a bit after our big turkey lunch and then headed outside to make some smores....mmmm

Sophia was pretty good at making them!  J just wanted to shove the "unroasted" marshmallows in his mouth!

We headed down to see the Plaza lights in the evening...but I forgot my no pics to share...but of course it is always fun to see the kids' eyes light with excitement as the lights go on and the fireworks went off.  It's officially that time of year again....oh my...I'd better get busy!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Claw

Miss Sophia has been enamored with the "Claw" toy machine (as we call it) at the grocery store for quite some time now....really ever since we won a pony at our old favorite Dillons when she was a toddler!  She is always asking if she can have money to play the game and try to win a stuffed animal.  We are teaching her that if she wants to spend her money she can...but she is learning that it takes quite a bit of money (50cents) for each turn....and really the game involves nothing but luck!  Well....this week...during a trip to the store...she decided she wanted to try her luck again...she brought her own dollar and with a "few" more donated by yiayia....she asked me to try to win something for her....

And believe it or not....we DID IT!  Here's our special new friend...maybe next time I can get the pink bear that I was actually aiming for!:)

Had to catch a picture of J in his new warm fire truck jammies.  He runs around in them shouting wee-er, wee-er, wee-er (trying to sound like a fire engine of course)!

And because life at our house has been a bit chaotic the last few weeks to say the least... I have neglected to schedule a haircut for this little guy.  Here he is after "stylist" Daddy had some fun with his hair and brows!!

Praying the chaos settles down a we can turn all of our attention to the holidays right around the corner!  I have a feeling our Elf may be coming back to visit us soon!!!
Happy Weekend!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crafty Turkeys

We did footprint ghosts for of course...we had to use our handprints for our turkey art!  Both of the kids thought it was pretty cool that we got to paint their hands and each of their fingers a different color!  I remember when Sophia used to hate to get even finger paint on her hands.  Wow...she has come a long way!  

We had a 70 degree day in November today!! So after we finished our project we got to take some pictures of the final product outside!!! Little J was pretty proud of his work....I think he was even starting to get the patterning concept around the border by the time we glued the last few squares!! :)

And isn't my Sophia just a beauty... She just gets prettier and prettier the older she gets.  I didn't capture how blue her eyes really are here...still need that practice in full sunlight!!!

You probably would never guess that these two bickered all weekend long from these pictures, huh??? You probably wouldn't know how J shut the door over Sophia's foot and left a nice little scratch,  or how Sophia tattled on his every move....oh my.....  But truly...they do love each other.   There were lots of "let's have a car race together," and let's dress up in costumes together...(sad I didn't get a picture of Sophia dressed as a princess and Joseph proudly wearing a bow and headband in his hair!) 

They can be at each other's throats at times...but for the most part, it is pretty obvious how much they treasure one another.

I'm not too excited about the week ahead...flu shots tomorrow and then I am expecting to be off of my feet for a few days....I'm pretty confident that the hubby can hold down the fort though.  I've bathed the dog, attempted to clean up any clutter, and somewhat cleaned out the refrigerator.   I had intentions of making a few "make-ahead" dinners to freeze (as any good mother/wife would do)...but instead, I of course got side tracked by a new recipe I HAD to try for these....

Oh well.... at least they will have cookies, right?  Happy Monday!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

M is for....

So proud of his work!  I am proud of him too...even though sometimes he points to it and says..."A" is for mouse!  HA!!! I think we might need some more practice!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Rootin' Tootin' Halloween 2010

I am a little behind in my blogging...and so many fun pictures to share!!! Halloween week was filled with lots of fun little things...and we were thrilled that Sophia had a few days off so we could have her home with us for a few days!  Back to the grind tomorrow....but for now...some pics from the last week.  As I type this I hear Christmas music already playing on the radio....I love Christmas music...but am feeling some anxiety about all the "need to do's" on the list as the holidays approach.  Wasn't Christmas just a few weeks ago???? Oh my goodness... I just can't believe how quickly time flies and how much these little ones grow in such a short time!!!!

Sophia had her class party last Wednesday.  They made some cute vampire lolli's and played a fun "Guess the Ghost" game.  The kids had fun with the game and devoured their Blue Chip sugar cookies in no time flat!!!

Here are a few of Sophia's table mates...Cooper and Lauren.

Mmmmm......wish I could get my sugar cookies to taste as good as Blue Chip!!

We celebrated Sophia's SIX and ONE HALF birthday on Thursday!  Can you see what a good mommy I am...just a Pop-Tart for breakfast....but at least I wrote 6 1/2 on it!!!

Later that day...we packaged up some home-made cookies and made some BOO bags for many of our neighbors!! OOOOOHHH it's so fun...ringing the doorbells, leaving a surprise, and running!!!

I'm not sure what they were screaming in this picture....I just remember they were pretty excited to start delivering the surprises...and not too thrilled that I made them stop for a picture!!

On Friday.... we had our pumpkin carving day!!!  Sophia drew how she wanted Mr. Pumpkin to look....and both of the kids had fun watching me cut the shapes out!  Sophia loved to play with the seeds this year....a big change from a few years ago.  Joseph....of course, tried to put a seed in his mouth...(like everything these days) and then decided he did not like to touch them.  Sophia spent a good 30 minutes rinsing of the seeds in the strainer during J's nap.  Wow...getting those suckers free of oowey goowey pumpkin stuff is hard....even after rinsing them...there was still lots of orange on we opted to not roast them.  Need to try again next year!


Later that afternoon...we headed to My Gym,  where Joseph takes gymnastics for a costume party and play!  There were quite a few Woody's but only one Jessie!  My Jessie loved hanging from the high bars!  She thought it was fun to see where her little brother gets to go for class when she is in school!

On Saturday...Sophia insisted that we bake her favorite cupcakes....she is not a candy I have always made cupcakes for an "after trick-or-treating" treat.  She remembered this tradition, and requested that I make the same ones this year too.

Finally the big day!  Brett and I wanted to join the fun this Halloween.  We had seen adult Woody and Jessie costumes at Sophia's Trunk or Treat.....but never had a chance to go looking.  So we headed to the party store on Halloween..probably not the smartest thing to do with the kids.  It was crazy there...and of course no good costumes left.  So... we decided on something easy...and the kids loved the wigs!  Hippies are always in style, right??? :)

Here I am with my favorite trick or how Sophia is showing off her school picture??? We had them cut and ready to give to all of our relatives who stopped by for some treats on Halloween night!

Here is J....fueling up for the big night!  Thanks for making my pizza so yummy, Thea!

PEACE!  The wig was pretty perfect for Brett...don't ya think?  He's been wanting more hair for quite some time now...and boy did he get it!

I can just hear my mother saying "GET YOUR HAIR OUT OF YOUR FACE!" when I look at Brett in this picture!!!:)

Whew!  We did time to celebrate with a cupcake!

Hope everyone had a Halloween full of SWEET treats and surprises!!! After a bout with some bad luck at our accident, broken phone, broken dishwasher, crashed hard drive, a hit and run, and the ever present sinus infection....I'm praying for a smooth and....accident free holiday season!!!!