Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crafty Turkeys

We did footprint ghosts for of course...we had to use our handprints for our turkey art!  Both of the kids thought it was pretty cool that we got to paint their hands and each of their fingers a different color!  I remember when Sophia used to hate to get even finger paint on her hands.  Wow...she has come a long way!  

We had a 70 degree day in November today!! So after we finished our project we got to take some pictures of the final product outside!!! Little J was pretty proud of his work....I think he was even starting to get the patterning concept around the border by the time we glued the last few squares!! :)

And isn't my Sophia just a beauty... She just gets prettier and prettier the older she gets.  I didn't capture how blue her eyes really are here...still need that practice in full sunlight!!!

You probably would never guess that these two bickered all weekend long from these pictures, huh??? You probably wouldn't know how J shut the door over Sophia's foot and left a nice little scratch,  or how Sophia tattled on his every move....oh my.....  But truly...they do love each other.   There were lots of "let's have a car race together," and let's dress up in costumes together...(sad I didn't get a picture of Sophia dressed as a princess and Joseph proudly wearing a bow and headband in his hair!) 

They can be at each other's throats at times...but for the most part, it is pretty obvious how much they treasure one another.

I'm not too excited about the week ahead...flu shots tomorrow and then I am expecting to be off of my feet for a few days....I'm pretty confident that the hubby can hold down the fort though.  I've bathed the dog, attempted to clean up any clutter, and somewhat cleaned out the refrigerator.   I had intentions of making a few "make-ahead" dinners to freeze (as any good mother/wife would do)...but instead, I of course got side tracked by a new recipe I HAD to try for these....

Oh well.... at least they will have cookies, right?  Happy Monday!

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mom2four said...

You're such a fun mom!! My kids would be jealous...if they knew. :)