Friday, November 19, 2010

The Claw

Miss Sophia has been enamored with the "Claw" toy machine (as we call it) at the grocery store for quite some time now....really ever since we won a pony at our old favorite Dillons when she was a toddler!  She is always asking if she can have money to play the game and try to win a stuffed animal.  We are teaching her that if she wants to spend her money she can...but she is learning that it takes quite a bit of money (50cents) for each turn....and really the game involves nothing but luck!  Well....this week...during a trip to the store...she decided she wanted to try her luck again...she brought her own dollar and with a "few" more donated by yiayia....she asked me to try to win something for her....

And believe it or not....we DID IT!  Here's our special new friend...maybe next time I can get the pink bear that I was actually aiming for!:)

Had to catch a picture of J in his new warm fire truck jammies.  He runs around in them shouting wee-er, wee-er, wee-er (trying to sound like a fire engine of course)!

And because life at our house has been a bit chaotic the last few weeks to say the least... I have neglected to schedule a haircut for this little guy.  Here he is after "stylist" Daddy had some fun with his hair and brows!!

Praying the chaos settles down a we can turn all of our attention to the holidays right around the corner!  I have a feeling our Elf may be coming back to visit us soon!!!
Happy Weekend!


mom2four said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! So glad that you were feeling well enough to do a blog post. :)

koki said...

Can I join you at the grocery store next time? I think there's something I'd like you to win for me! :) xxoooo