Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A glimpse into our summer

Summer really seemed to come and go quickly this year.  I didn't feel like we had huge plans and we weren't crazy overloaded in various activities....which I think was just what we needed... So here are just a few of the ways we spent those lazy days...

Afternoon ice cream trips...

"Not so expected" visits to the dentist after a random unexpected flying object (AKA...toy thrown by J) landed smack dab on an innocent front baby tooth.   We said good-bye to that tooth way too early... but

Good news!  That meant an early visit from the tooth fairy....and this little man couldn't have been happier with his surprise the next morning!

This summer meant room rearranging.... (Thanks Yiayia and Pappou for the manual labor!!)

And a BIG boy bed for Sam!

Perfectly hot summer days for blueberry picking!

And can't you just hear them saying "MOMMMEEEEEEE....I'm more pictures!!!!!"

Summer time naps....

Nature walks...

Lotsa swimming lessons...

School uniform fitting....

Bedtime Team Umi Zoomi episodes...

More lost teeth....WOW that tooth fairy sure was busy at our house!

Fun with our neighbors...

Summer can get a little hairy without our normal school doubt....but I wouldn't trade those lazy days for anything else!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


It was kind of the summer of baseball for us this summer.  J had his first season of T-ball, and the kids got to enjoy a few Royals games.  Baseball is the epitome of summer, right?  I always loved baseball when I was little so I am so excited for the boys to get older and start playing!  It was certainly fun watching J's team just start to see how the game is played.  I'm hoping his attention span will be a little better by next summer!!! Haha!

Baseball game with Pappou!

My glasses....but she definitely wears them well!

Baseball cookies for J's team on their last game day!

Joseph was more than excited to finally get a trophy after watching Sophia get one year after year for soccer!!

Can't wait to see what next summer's season brings!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

We decided to hit Westwood fireworks this year which was set the day before the actual Fourth.  The kids were soooo excited for the fireworks, but S and J were possibly more excited about the sleep-over  that they had planned with Thea after.  It was a perfect day until about 2 hours before.....and, in fact, this is what the weather looked like on our drive in.  I was a little worried they would cancel the display...but thankfully as soon as we arrived the rain stopped!!!

This was the first  year that all three really enjoyed the fireworks.  Usually one gets pretty scared of the loud noise.... Sam was a little skeptical at first...but as long as I held his hand...he loved the fireworks and kept asking for more!

And just a few of the cookies to celebrate the occasion.  

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fairy Gardens

Since before this little girl turned 8, she has been a little bit "into" fairies, I guess you could say.  At one point....she had a fairy door on her wall in her room and would anxiously await nightly notes from that magical fairy.  Her 8th birthday party of course was nothing but fairies.   All around us....I kept seeing fairy gardens pop friends' houses, neighbor's, etc....  and I knew eventually we would NEED one too!

So, I decided that this summer it was finally time for us to create our own little fairy garden.  I took some advice from friends, put the troops in the car...headed to one of my favorite garden stores, and just let Sophia design this little miniature garden to her little heart's content.

She got pretty into the planning of the arrangement and even insisted that we use some blue food coloring from my cookie icing stash to make the water in the pond a pretty shade of blue!

She was pretty proud of her creation...and we had fun making it together....Now if I can just keep all the plants alive!! Haha!!!