Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big Sister Love

Sam LOVES Sophia
Sophia LOVES Sam

They make quite the pair.  I loved having Sophia home last Friday and Monday....she was my best helper!!!! She truly has the magic touch...when all else fails....if I put Sam in Sophia's lap.....he almost always calms down!

Sam can be stingy with his smiles...but he gives lots to his Big Sister.  Tonight when we put Joseph in bed Sophia asked if she could hold Sam.  We placed him in her arms while she was sitting on her bed.  When we came back in...she had tucked him in right next to her and they were holding hands.  Sam was just smiling at her...with those adoring eyes.  So sweet....and though I didn't have my camera's a memory I won't forget!

I'm so proud of this little girl.  I was a bit worried when we brought Sam home....she had been soooo excited about this new baby, but  rebelled a bit just by acting up a few times ... I think all she wanted was a chance to snuggle and love on this little guy all by herself.  Not only is she a great big sister...but she is also a great student.  Her report from her teacher on conference day last week was glowing.  And today she came home and told me she volunteered and was chosen to read a reading at Mass this Friday.  The reading is VERY difficult...words I barely can pronounce.  She told me she was nervous and asked if I thought she would do okay....I told her I had no doubt she would do wonderfully!  Not even seven yet...and already so grown up!  So thankful I have her!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Running on empty

Our little man has been with us for a little over two weeks now.  Hard to believe how quickly your world can be turned upside down.  We are slowly getting settled in with our new little one....while still trying to keep up with Big Sister and Big Brother.  Sam is already in love with Sophia and Joseph.  He loves to stare at Sophia's blonde hair and he is usually remarkably quiet when she is holding him.  I think he misses her when she is at school:)

Joseph is the best big brother.  He is constantly telling me..."that baby is so cute."  He doesn't quite understand why he cries so much, but he is always willing to be my helper during the day.  Learning to talk in a quiet voice has been his biggest challenge.  

Brett and I are exhausted....we are slowly getting used to running on little sleep....Sometimes the last thing I want to do is pull out my camera....BUT.... I have never been too great about documenting things when the babies were newborn.  SOOO... I am making every effort to do this with Sam.  

Here are a few pics I snapped of him when we had some mommy and Sam time the other afternoon.

And of course when Mr. Sam is napping....I have my buddy to keep me busy!  Joseph has been such a big helper....and always finds something he wants me to do with him (especially when I have a mountain of laundry to fold:))   This week he has been really into playing the "Sorry" game.... I thought I could trick him and make him think that the game was over once one player got ONE of their pawns in their Home space. But nope....he is too smart for that...he knew the game wasn't over until all 4 pawns made it home!! Darn!

Of course I have to get a little baking in when I can...and Joseph was so excited to help this morning....He asked if he could wear a chef hat...  I guess I'll have to get him one!  Here he is making some cinnamon breakfast muffins with me.  You'll have to check out to see the end result ( hopefully I will have time to post pics soon!)

Step one and two:  dip muffins in butter (yes that is a bowl of melted butter mmmm) and roll in cinnamon sugar mixture

Step three:  Bat those insanely beautiful eyelashes

Step 4:  Sneak a taste

So besides the car rides to school and birthday parties....we pretty much have been homebodies!  Tomorrow I will venture out for Sophia's conference and Sam's 2nd doctor visit.  Hoping the doctor has some advice for Sam's tummy troubles....and hoping his weight has gone up!!

Need to get busy on the room changes upstairs and the car situation....and need to find a size 13.5 Twinkle Toe tennis shoe for S before her heart breaks!!!!!  Looks like one of those energy drinks may just be calling my name:)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome Home!

We are home!!! And with a new little addition!  It has been a whirlwind.....happened so fast....we still haven't caught our breath!!! We are already sleep deprived.....a little out of sorts....but already so in love with our new little man!  

I admit... I didn't get the lighting right on these pictures.... and white it is.  The expressions on Sophia and Joseph's faces, though, tell it all!

Welcome home Samuel William!