Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well Miss Sophie P had her 7 year well check yesterday.  Yesterday also happened to be her last day as a first-grader.  It was quite a day.....I was sweating by 8:15am...trying to make it to all-school Mass in time with both boys in tow.  Have I mentioned that Mr. Sam likely weighs close to 16 pounds by now....minus his extremely heavy car seat.  I'm sure it was a comical sight watching me carry that thing all across the parking lot while trying to keep Joseph close by my side.

School dismissed at 10am....and we made it home just in time for the tornado sirens to start sounding....oh my!  I was just thankful that Sophia was home when all that happened because I know it would have been scary for her had they still been at school when all the bad weather came!  Thankfully, the bad weather passed and we were able to make it to her appointment in the afternoon!

Here are the big 7 year stats:

This year                                       Last Year

Height:  47 1/8 inches                   44 1/2 inches

Weight:  52 pounds                       47 1/2 pounds

I'm always so thankful when we get a clean bill of health and of course when NO shots are needed:)

So today was officially the first day of summer vacation at our house....and I am already one tired mama!  It was a gorgeous day so we took advantage and went for a long walk this afternoon and played some tennis on the driveway.  Sophia spent much of the morning reading her Magic Tree House books (imagine that!) and styling Kanani's hair.  We played lots of Memory games and Uno, too!  All that in between reprimanding my once sweet three year old boy.   Oh my..not sure what has happened...but little J is sure keeping me on my toes these days.  He has decided he loves to pounce on everyone's back (when they are not looking), pull hair, and say NO to everything.  Then when he gets in trouble and I threaten to take his beloved cars away...he says he doesn't want his cars anyway....then I even get the..."I don't love you anymore mommy!"  Of course usually this is followed by random kisses on my leg and "I Love you's" about an hour later.  Is this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or what????

Sounds like it will be a fun summer at our house!  Did I mention Sam is teething already???:)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wrapping it up

It is very hard for me to believe that another school year has almost come to a close.  The month of May has already been full of "lasts."  Last Daisy meeting....last library day...last soccer game....etc.  

I am very sad that Sophia's first grade year is almost over.  She has had such a wonderful year...wonderful teacher and of course she has had tremendous accomplishments.  We are sooo proud of her.  Last week she had her last meeting as a Daisy.  Here she is reading the opening at the ceremony.

Here they are reciting the Girl Scout Promise.

Here is her troop leader...Mrs. R!  WE ADORE her!!! She was helping her "cross over" the bridge to being a Brownie!

"Crossing the Bridge"

Receiving her Brownie pin.

Singing..."Make new friends, but keep the old...One is silver and the other gold."

Later in the weekend, Sophia had her last soccer game of the season.  She has played with these teammates and coaches for two years now!  We are so proud of her improvements.  She certainly did not get her athleticism from her mama:)

Here she is with her coach celebrating with ice cream at Twisters and receiving her trophy!

Saturday was also Mr. S's birthday.....Not a huge celebration here...the boys were not feeling well....Poor J has been battling allergies, sinus infections, and asthma for a few weeks now.....But of course a birthday is not a birthday without a cake at our house!

Robot cookies for daddy who does the best robot dance ever!

Whoops... I forgot to buy candles.  So we had to pretend....J thought that was pretty neat!

All of us:)

And today...back at the doc's office....doing another breathing treatment.  My poor little J.  May is not a month for good health at our house with all of our allergies...  Praying for some relief soon.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Francie and April

A few days ago... Mr. S brought home these little guys....

He had found them on a job site...and knew a few little people who might have some fun with them!
Here is J admiring his new friends in their temporary home in our garage.

Sophia was at school when our new friends arrived so J had some extra time to himself with them.  He named his turtle "Francie," and wanted to spend lots of time with them in the garage.  We fed them grass and water of course!

We told the kids that the turtles couldn't survive in a box and we would release them to their real home after we had some fun with them.  So...we piled in the car that night and headed for the lake in our neighborhood to say our goodbyes.  One of these little guys was pretty feisty and liked to snap a little bit....a good thing we didn't let the kids REALLY play with them:)

Sophia's turtle whom she named "April" went straight for the tall grass and camped out where we could hardly see her.

We tried to keep a close eye on her.

J's turtle headed straight for the water...

and took off!

The kids had fun watching their turtles find a new home.

J still asks if we should go back and check on them:)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Super Sweet

I don't want to admit it...but this little guy turned THREE months on May 1st.  I do not know where the time went.....

Here are the two boys that I get to share my day with every day!!! Love them so much.....pretty soon they will be playing cars and trucks together....but for now Sam just loves to stare at his big brother and listen to his stories.

This little guy definitely has a contagious smile and he even has a cute "out loud" giggle.

I pulled this striped romper outfit out of Joseph's box in the basement last's a 6-9 monther...and fits Sam perfectly at 3 months:)

And of course....he thinks his sister is just the BEST!  You should hear how Sophia talks to him...just like a's sooo cute!

I just hope the next three months will pass a little bit slower!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ben & Jerry's

I am a little behind in posting the FINAL celebration pics for Sophia's 7th birthday!  We celebrated with her school friends at Ben and Jerry's for a fun party of ice cream cake decorating and even got a tour of the ice cream store as well as a lesson on making waffle cones and cups!!  

First the girls got to have a taste test of a variety of ice creams and had to guess the flavor!  Pretty fun!

Even little J got in on the action:)

Sam didn't get any ice cream...but he certainly didn't miss out on the action:)
Too bad it was a cold and rainy day for our spring ice cream party:(

The favors...

The girls watching the store owner demonstrate how to make a waffle cone!

Decorating the ice cream cakes.

The girls had so much fun with these frosting bags....maybe next year we should just have a cookie decorating party at our house....Lord knows I already have ALL of those supplies;)

Sophia looked so sweet in her new birthday dress!

Then came the mustaches....too funny!

Opening presents...Some of her friends went in together and got her another pair of twinkle toes that she has been DREAMING of.....pretty neat!

What a lucky little girl...she got so many fun mother even hand-made a little dollie dress for Sophia's new American Girl.  Sooo sweet!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Scream....You Scream...

We all scream for ice cream.....

Ice cream was the perfect party theme for my SEVEN year-old, Sophia!  It was a beautiful day for a birthday party with her family on Saturday!  We didn't do anything fancy....just enjoyed each other, opened lots and lots of presents, and treated ourselves to a "make your own sundae" bar.  Of course there was cake and cookies and cupcakes too!!!

Here are some of the party decorations and treats!

These little guys were actually cupcakes with a buttercream frosting that was scooped on and made to look like ice cream!  The sauce was melted chocolate candy melts and of course the cherry on top was a peanut butter m&m carefully placed by my best helper, little J!

The cake!

Some of the toppings for the sundae bar.

The cookies.

The favor table!

The ice cream pints were for the guests to fill with treats to take home. I found the printable labels on this site .

Opening presents...some of her favorites were her Kanani accessories, roller skates, Magic Tree House books, and the movie Tangled.  Of course she received lots of DARLING clothes, too!

Thea and Nouna watching me feed Sam while S was opening!

I love this picture of her!  She looks like a 7 year old!    I tried to make a mini bunting on her cake.  The little pennants were pink and blue and had the letters of her name on it...but they were so light you could hardly see it in the picture!

Making a wish...

A picture with my birthday girl!

The cake was 4 the Easter cake...but different recipes....chocolate and white cake.

There were no shortage of arms to hold Sam.  He got passed around all day and loved it!!! Such a sweet little guy!

Whew....another party in the books!  Hope Missy enjoyed her day!!! We still can't believe she is 7!  Pics of her Ben and Jerry's party with her friends to come soon:)