Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Scream....You Scream...

We all scream for ice cream.....

Ice cream was the perfect party theme for my SEVEN year-old, Sophia!  It was a beautiful day for a birthday party with her family on Saturday!  We didn't do anything fancy....just enjoyed each other, opened lots and lots of presents, and treated ourselves to a "make your own sundae" bar.  Of course there was cake and cookies and cupcakes too!!!

Here are some of the party decorations and treats!

These little guys were actually cupcakes with a buttercream frosting that was scooped on and made to look like ice cream!  The sauce was melted chocolate candy melts and of course the cherry on top was a peanut butter m&m carefully placed by my best helper, little J!

The cake!

Some of the toppings for the sundae bar.

The cookies.

The favor table!

The ice cream pints were for the guests to fill with treats to take home. I found the printable labels on this site .

Opening presents...some of her favorites were her Kanani accessories, roller skates, Magic Tree House books, and the movie Tangled.  Of course she received lots of DARLING clothes, too!

Thea and Nouna watching me feed Sam while S was opening!

I love this picture of her!  She looks like a 7 year old!    I tried to make a mini bunting on her cake.  The little pennants were pink and blue and had the letters of her name on it...but they were so light you could hardly see it in the picture!

Making a wish...

A picture with my birthday girl!

The cake was 4 the Easter cake...but different recipes....chocolate and white cake.

There were no shortage of arms to hold Sam.  He got passed around all day and loved it!!! Such a sweet little guy!

Whew....another party in the books!  Hope Missy enjoyed her day!!! We still can't believe she is 7!  Pics of her Ben and Jerry's party with her friends to come soon:)

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yiayia said...

Honey, YOU, truly are our shining star!!!!! Seven years just flew by. Love you so.