Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well Miss Sophie P had her 7 year well check yesterday.  Yesterday also happened to be her last day as a first-grader.  It was quite a day.....I was sweating by 8:15am...trying to make it to all-school Mass in time with both boys in tow.  Have I mentioned that Mr. Sam likely weighs close to 16 pounds by now....minus his extremely heavy car seat.  I'm sure it was a comical sight watching me carry that thing all across the parking lot while trying to keep Joseph close by my side.

School dismissed at 10am....and we made it home just in time for the tornado sirens to start sounding....oh my!  I was just thankful that Sophia was home when all that happened because I know it would have been scary for her had they still been at school when all the bad weather came!  Thankfully, the bad weather passed and we were able to make it to her appointment in the afternoon!

Here are the big 7 year stats:

This year                                       Last Year

Height:  47 1/8 inches                   44 1/2 inches

Weight:  52 pounds                       47 1/2 pounds

I'm always so thankful when we get a clean bill of health and of course when NO shots are needed:)

So today was officially the first day of summer vacation at our house....and I am already one tired mama!  It was a gorgeous day so we took advantage and went for a long walk this afternoon and played some tennis on the driveway.  Sophia spent much of the morning reading her Magic Tree House books (imagine that!) and styling Kanani's hair.  We played lots of Memory games and Uno, too!  All that in between reprimanding my once sweet three year old boy.   Oh my..not sure what has happened...but little J is sure keeping me on my toes these days.  He has decided he loves to pounce on everyone's back (when they are not looking), pull hair, and say NO to everything.  Then when he gets in trouble and I threaten to take his beloved cars away...he says he doesn't want his cars anyway....then I even get the..."I don't love you anymore mommy!"  Of course usually this is followed by random kisses on my leg and "I Love you's" about an hour later.  Is this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or what????

Sounds like it will be a fun summer at our house!  Did I mention Sam is teething already???:)


koki said...

Let the fun begin! Some impressive 7 year stats for Miss S! When is Camp Thea???? xoxo

Kelsey Bakalar said...

Oh Amalia, thank goodness your three year old sounds like mine! Every once in awhile I wonder where my sweet little girl has gone! Where does this come from? Glad you guys are doing well otherwise.