Friday, May 13, 2011

Francie and April

A few days ago... Mr. S brought home these little guys....

He had found them on a job site...and knew a few little people who might have some fun with them!
Here is J admiring his new friends in their temporary home in our garage.

Sophia was at school when our new friends arrived so J had some extra time to himself with them.  He named his turtle "Francie," and wanted to spend lots of time with them in the garage.  We fed them grass and water of course!

We told the kids that the turtles couldn't survive in a box and we would release them to their real home after we had some fun with them.  So...we piled in the car that night and headed for the lake in our neighborhood to say our goodbyes.  One of these little guys was pretty feisty and liked to snap a little bit....a good thing we didn't let the kids REALLY play with them:)

Sophia's turtle whom she named "April" went straight for the tall grass and camped out where we could hardly see her.

We tried to keep a close eye on her.

J's turtle headed straight for the water...

and took off!

The kids had fun watching their turtles find a new home.

J still asks if we should go back and check on them:)

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koki said...

Beautiful pics - love the last black and white one. Xoxo thea