Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Merry 2011

Christmas came and went in the blink of an eye this year it seems!!! Wish we could have slowed it down a bit!  What a whirlwind!  I didn't go crazy taking too many pictures....first, because I just wanted to enjoy the time and second, because....I was too busy...chasing Mr. Sammy down....he is on.the.go.....walking, no...running... up a storm and in to EVERYTHING:)  Exhausting, but I am sooooo glad we had another little one to celebrate with this year:)

I was so thrilled that we finally decided to go to Christmas Eve Mass this year.  This allowed us a little more "home" time on Christmas morning.  I was excited to get a few pictures of the kids in their Christmas bests!  But only a few wanted to cooperate..

Mr. J was not into the picture thing... especially after I had to wake him up from a short nap early;(

Makes my heart full to see how FULL of stockings our mantle was this year!  Thank you to Yiayia for sewing yet another stocking.... I LOVE LOVE Sammy's....especially the blue!

We headed to Yiayia's after a long Mass for dinner!  Here is our annual family picture!

The kids were more than ready to open a few presents after dinner!  Though Sammy's favorite thing to play with was definitely the paper....he had a lot of fun with this little toy from Thad:)

My reader...so thrilled with her new fairy books!

And J with his FABULOUS new life-like airplane.  There's even a potty!!!

Before unwrapping their Santa presents in the morning the kids ran to read the letters that Santa and their elf had left, and of course checked to see just how many cookies Santa ate:)

Sam was pretty fun to watch....he just loved his "gate-less" freedom in the living room:)  Love the way he is sitting in this picture.  He was all smiles even though he was up most of the night.  Not sure if it is teething or another pending ear infection:(

What a LUCKY little girl...  with her new Marie Grace American Girl...

J was pretty excited about his new race track....

Hmm... this box looks fun even though it's not mine:)

And Missy was pretty excited about the fairy door and is awaiting a visit from her fairy any day now:)

We had a cinnamon roll breakfast and played in our jammies before getting ready for dinner at Omi and Papa's.

Here's my plate of this year's Christmas cookies...

A few family pictures....so hard to get everyone looking at the camera without being too silly:)

Here's the whole gang!

More presents and a yummy dinner from Omi....(and from the looks of it...Sammy had moved on from his fetish with paper to a love for water bottles;)

Each year seems to go by just a little faster.....We are blessed every year,....but this year we had so many reasons to be thankful....Each and every prayer we offered was answered.  Miracles happened and because of those miracles....we are healthy, we are safe...we are together.  I could not ask for more.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pre Christmas Fun

Every December I establish a list of "want to do's" in my head for the Holiday Season.  This year was no exception.....but sometimes life happens...kids get sick....trips to the doctor consume much of your time....and unexpected things always arise.  We didn't get to cross too much off of that list this year...but looking back through my camera... we did get to have some Christmas fun.  And sometimes I think the less we actually do...the more special things are.  

So...before we unwrap all those presents from Santa and before we fill our tummies with Christmas dinners.... I want to post just a few snaps of a little of the fun we had together this December.

We did take a trip to Crown Center and ate at the infamous Fritz.  Sam loved to watch the trains move around and Sophia and Joseph...though old pros at this, loved it like it was their first time there.

And I made some mini gingerbread houses with the extra dough from our gingerbread cottage this year.  I finally took the time to put them together this week....and though I still had a HUGE to do list...we sat down yesterday and got to work decorating.  I'm so glad we took the time to do this because the kids had sooo much fun...and I love how their houses turned out.

Sam didn't decorate this year....but with the pace he is going this year... I would not be surprised if he builds his own house next year.  We are so in love with you, Sammy...and so thrilled to celebrate your first Christmas with you!!!

Joseph has been quite the terror this week......oh my...can't take my eyes off of him....but when I see him working so intently on something with those little hands...my heart just swoons.  I love that he is the life of all of our parties;)

Miss Sophia....she is a pro at using those frosting bags.  She is such a helper to me... I don't know how I would survive with out my little mini mommy.  She is so sensitive and so innocent.  Hope the years don't change anything about her.

We have prepared.... we are ready for the MAGIC and are really trying to keep in our hearts the MIRACLE that makes Christmas so beautiful.  Merry Merry!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting ready....(or trying....)

I do not like to look at the calendar on the wall these days.....Christmas is oh sooo close and I feel so far behind...  So much to do and so little time left.  My poor littles have just felt plain yucky for so long....we have not been able to do all that I had hoped.    Poor Sammy has yet another double ear infection...(ear infections are all new to me... wondering when I will need to see an ENT for this poor little guy).  He is on Augmentin AGAIN....which means diaper and entire outfit changes every TWO hours it seems.  

And Missy... poor girl....has had a rough year so far...strep twice this school year and now just the yuckies. She has been home the last few days....and not even wanting to go to school....She does not feel good...but we are sensing some apprehension about school as well....unfortunate for my little girl who excels in everything she does and usually loves school.   But it seems we have been spending most of our day playing catch-up and doing homework.....her make-up work and the time it takes to complete...is really pretty ridiculous..since she is a stellar student anyway....  Kinda feel like they are punishing her for being sick. It's no wonder parents send their kids to school sick....:(

I am behind on posting a few things...so I'll just play catch up!  Last weekend we made some gingerbread flavored play-doh.  It smelled soooo wonderful and both S and J loved to play with it!  You can find the recipe here..... on my most favorite site!

Look at those lashes!!!

Love to watch those little hands create!

Saturday was Sophia's First Reconciliation!  She was her normal brave self and when it was all done and over with...she said she wanted to go again! WOW!  Impressive!

We gave her her FIRST rosary and a little book as a surprise!

Somehow between changing diapers, sheets, making play-doh and doing homework.... I have had a little time to make some Christmas cookies....so many I want to make this year...but just not enough time!  These were again inspired by my favorite "cookier".

Sunday was pictures with Santa at Church.  But none of the troops were feeling 100%.  Poor Sammy had just started his meds for his ears, and as if that wasn't enough...he fell on a toy in the morning and had a huge GASH in his lip.  Poor Sammy!

I could not get the lighting right for the life of me.  I really, really want to take a Photography class just so I can get better pictures of my kids and learn how to use my camera better!

Sophia told Santa she wanted Marie Grace, the new American Girl doll.  Joseph told Santa he wanted a race track for his cars.

Here is the actual photographer's picture!

More Christmas cookies....this time... with gingerbread dough...mmmmm.....

And the poor little gingerbread house for 2011...still waiting to be assembled.....Contractors sure can be SLOW!!!!

And last but not least.... our Elf.  He has been quite the mischievous little guy this year....eating Cheez-its in  my China cabinet, leaving crayons all over the place and coloring in coloring books, eating candy canes, and driving toy cars.  But this morning we found him peacefully holding this sweet Baby:0 with a little reminder about what this Season is really all about.