Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pre Christmas Fun

Every December I establish a list of "want to do's" in my head for the Holiday Season.  This year was no exception.....but sometimes life get sick....trips to the doctor consume much of your time....and unexpected things always arise.  We didn't get to cross too much off of that list this year...but looking back through my camera... we did get to have some Christmas fun.  And sometimes I think the less we actually do...the more special things are.  

So...before we unwrap all those presents from Santa and before we fill our tummies with Christmas dinners.... I want to post just a few snaps of a little of the fun we had together this December.

We did take a trip to Crown Center and ate at the infamous Fritz.  Sam loved to watch the trains move around and Sophia and Joseph...though old pros at this, loved it like it was their first time there.

And I made some mini gingerbread houses with the extra dough from our gingerbread cottage this year.  I finally took the time to put them together this week....and though I still had a HUGE to do list...we sat down yesterday and got to work decorating.  I'm so glad we took the time to do this because the kids had sooo much fun...and I love how their houses turned out.

Sam didn't decorate this year....but with the pace he is going this year... I would not be surprised if he builds his own house next year.  We are so in love with you, Sammy...and so thrilled to celebrate your first Christmas with you!!!

Joseph has been quite the terror this week......oh my...can't take my eyes off of him....but when I see him working so intently on something with those little heart just swoons.  I love that he is the life of all of our parties;)

Miss Sophia....she is a pro at using those frosting bags.  She is such a helper to me... I don't know how I would survive with out my little mini mommy.  She is so sensitive and so innocent.  Hope the years don't change anything about her.

We have prepared.... we are ready for the MAGIC and are really trying to keep in our hearts the MIRACLE that makes Christmas so beautiful.  Merry Merry!

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