Saturday, May 25, 2013

Belton Train Ride

We have been  wanting to go to Belton to ride this train for a few years now... and finally made the short trip over Memorial Weekend!  

The boys were thrilled, to say the least, to get to ride in a REAL train!

Sam was definitely one happy camper!

The train took us on a short 45 minute trip through Belton!

And after our ride we walked the Main Street of Belton to find a little old fashioned car show!  J was soooo excited to look at all of his favorite old fashioned cars!

And of course a trip to the old fashioned ice cream cafe made it even better!

What a great start to summer!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Good-bye THIRD grade!

Pretty thrilled for her last day of THIRD grade....and of course she came home with a STELLAR report card!!!  We celebrated the last day with a trip to the zoo with some good friends after her early 10:30 dismissal!

Sam really got into the animals this year!! Loves to say grrrr at the tigers and any animal that looks big and scary.  He handled the day trip pretty well even though he missed his nap....but had a pretty big melt down just as we were leaving!!  The train ride was definitely his favorite part!  He loved going through the dark tunnel!

The polar bears were one of their favorite animals to watch!

And this show was pretty fun too!

And the Merry-Go-Round ride was the best way to finish our day!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mahaffie Stage Coach Farm

I was so excited that I was chosen to go on Sophia's class field trip in the early spring.  They were originally scheduled to go to Ernie Miller Nature Center....but believe it or not... May 2nd turned out to be a rainy and SNOWY day!!  Good ole Kansas weather for the field trip was cancelled.  

We gave it another shot...this time scheduling a trip to Mahaffie Stage Coach Farms.  Mahaffie is the last remaining stage coach stop open to the public on the Santa Fe Trail.  And thankfully we had a perfect weather day!  Here Sophia is learning how they made coffee in the olden days.

We even got to ride on a real stage coach!

And panning for gold

Whew!  So glad we got to fit in a field trip on the second to the last day of the school year!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Good-bye Preschool

Two years of Preschool already in the books.  Here was Joseph on his first day of 4 year old preschool this past Fall!

He loved every minute of preschool.  Such a little socialite.  Loved his teachers. Loved all of his friends.  Smiled going into school and always came running out to me with a huge smile on his face.
All of Joseph's teacher talk about his contagious smile.  It doesn't surprise me.  Sure he can test his limits from time to time.  But his personality is so incredibly sweet.  He is FULL of energy....but does everything in his own time.  He can be painfully slow but runs like a maniac.  Next year he is moving on to FULL day kindergarten.  I prayed for a half day program...but it is no longer being offered at his lunch without this little guy will be a HUGE adjustment for this Mama.

Here he is with one of his best buddies.  We have known G back from our My Gym days!

Here he is ready to tackle his last day!

Popsicle Party

Thanks Mrs. H for a wonderful year!  We will miss you!!!