Friday, May 17, 2013

Good-bye Preschool

Two years of Preschool already in the books.  Here was Joseph on his first day of 4 year old preschool this past Fall!

He loved every minute of preschool.  Such a little socialite.  Loved his teachers. Loved all of his friends.  Smiled going into school and always came running out to me with a huge smile on his face.
All of Joseph's teacher talk about his contagious smile.  It doesn't surprise me.  Sure he can test his limits from time to time.  But his personality is so incredibly sweet.  He is FULL of energy....but does everything in his own time.  He can be painfully slow but runs like a maniac.  Next year he is moving on to FULL day kindergarten.  I prayed for a half day program...but it is no longer being offered at his lunch without this little guy will be a HUGE adjustment for this Mama.

Here he is with one of his best buddies.  We have known G back from our My Gym days!

Here he is ready to tackle his last day!

Popsicle Party

Thanks Mrs. H for a wonderful year!  We will miss you!!!

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Tenn Nsy said...

Children are our future and its great to see a blog focused on them. I appreciate this and look forward to seeing more of your blog!