Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mahaffie Stage Coach Farm

I was so excited that I was chosen to go on Sophia's class field trip in the early spring.  They were originally scheduled to go to Ernie Miller Nature Center....but believe it or not... May 2nd turned out to be a rainy and SNOWY day!!  Good ole Kansas weather for you....so the field trip was cancelled.  

We gave it another shot...this time scheduling a trip to Mahaffie Stage Coach Farms.  Mahaffie is the last remaining stage coach stop open to the public on the Santa Fe Trail.  And thankfully we had a perfect weather day!  Here Sophia is learning how they made coffee in the olden days.

We even got to ride on a real stage coach!

And panning for gold

Whew!  So glad we got to fit in a field trip on the second to the last day of the school year!

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