Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Super Sweet

I don't want to admit it...but this little guy turned THREE months on May 1st.  I do not know where the time went.....

Here are the two boys that I get to share my day with every day!!! Love them so much.....pretty soon they will be playing cars and trucks together....but for now Sam just loves to stare at his big brother and listen to his stories.

This little guy definitely has a contagious smile and he even has a cute "out loud" giggle.

I pulled this striped romper outfit out of Joseph's box in the basement last night....it's a 6-9 monther...and fits Sam perfectly at 3 months:)

And of course....he thinks his sister is just the BEST!  You should hear how Sophia talks to him...just like a mommy...it's sooo cute!

I just hope the next three months will pass a little bit slower!


mom2four said...

Oh my goodness! We had so much fun visiting with you all yesterday. Sam is super sweet and so full of smiles. Will asked if he could go to Joseph's house this morning! :)

Kelsey Bakalar said...

Sam looks almost as big as Miss Sophia! Precious.