Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sophia is SEVEN

Her day finally arrived and it couldn't have been a more beautiful one.  The weather was perfect.....(too bad my allergies were not...uggghh worst sore throat ever)  Sophia had a busy day packed with lots of fun!  Here is her special day in pictures....

1.  At the breakfast table...with her birthday balloon...but not too thrilled to take a picture :)

2.  Sophia chose donuts for her special birthday treat!  Joseph ( who doesn't normally eat donuts) got to join the fun...and he even ate some....guess it was all of that BIG kid pressure:)

3.  One of the teachers offered to snap a picture of sweet since we rarely have pictures together!  Sophia was so glad Daddy got to come.  She shared her "All about Me" poster with the class and I got to read a chapter from one of her favorite Magic Tree House books!

4.  Back home after school....practicing spelling words and math flash cards while wearing the light-up Birthday crown, of course!

5.  Love how Joseph is looking at her crown!  Getting ready for soccer practice...

6.  Even Sam was happy to celebrate with Sophia today!!!  I just can't get enough of that SMILE!

7.  Hungry for dinner after soccer.... Sophia chose Culvers.  Pretty funny because she had never actually eaten there...but she has seen others eat it at school.

8.  Best part of dinner... the custard!! Mmmmm she chose chocolate with chocolate sauce:)

 9.  Back home to open one present (the small ones will come at her family birthday party on Saturday).

10.  Pretty excited...Recognize the box?

11.  Can hardly wait to open it....

12.  Kanani!!!

Whew!  What a day, and another busy weekend in store!  I need to get busy with the rest of the party preparations...  Oh...and Sophia...someday when you are older and you go back and read these....I am so sorry that I forgot to bring the sandals for you when I picked you up from soccer practice!!! You were so upset that you HAD to wear your soccer shoes to dinner instead of your fancy sandals!!!
Happy Happy Birthday to the BEST little girl EVER!!!

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koki said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA!!! Goodness, what a great song your Mama picked out for today's post. I'm so excited to meet Kenani! love you sooo much, xo thea