Friday, April 1, 2011


It's April Fool's Day is also the first day of Sophia's Birthday Month...always a momentous event in our house!!!!  I decided I needed to be a bit sneaky for April Fool's Day!

I saw a few of these ideas somewhere in blogging world and thought they were too cute to pass up.  The first one, I decided, was perfect for my fruit despising Sophia.  It involved this...

The joke behind it is this....

Basically you take the bottom off of the fruit can, rinse the can thoroughly, place a "non-fruit" surprise inside....and a note at top.  THEN the instructions said to hot glue the bottom lid back in place.  But the hubby advised me to use super glue instead....(quicker apparently).  However...the hubby does not realize how impatient I am and how "unskilled" I am with super glue.  Oops.... I accidentally took the whole lid off of the tube instead of using the nozzle applicator.  Result:  The excess glue on my hands caused parts of the label to peel and stick to my hands and fingers.  Let's just say I can still feel super glue on my fingers today.... Needless to say, I packed the can anyway. I was so excited to see how Sophia would respond when she found cheese puffs inside instead of the dreaded fruit.  The only problem:  I was afraid she might not even open the can and just throw it in the trash.  So we had to give her the whole "Your teacher has reported to us that you are not eating your fruit" talk.  We told her she HAD to make an effort to TRY her fruit so the teachers in the lunchroom would not continue to call us.  She literally cried when we told her this.... and I felt really bad that she believed me....but I didn't spoil it.

And the verdict?  Yes....she actually DID open the fruit cup and was pretty surprised to find no fruit inside.  She did not eat many cheese puffs though....she was still a bit leary I guess!

Another funny April Fools....  Fill these pouches with frosted cheerios...and maybe the kiddos will think they can grow donuts in their own back yard!

Here is Miss Birthday Month...  Talk about does SEVEN years sneak up on you so quickly???

Or what about this little guy?  TWO Months old today... It really snuck up on me.  Poor guy...we made the switch to Nutramigin a few weeks back....and after a day or so of adjustment he seemed to be much happier....but the past few days, he seems to have reverted back to lots of tummy issues.  His little nose is sooo congested.. and he has been pretty spitty, and as for messy diapers....I completely lost count today!!!  Hoping that maybe it is just a little cold that will pass....cause we were soooo thrilled with the Nutramigin results at the beginning!

You certainly can't tell that he doesn't feel great in these pictures, can you?  LOVE LOVE those smiles:)

And well....this one...sneaky is his middle name!  Just look at that grin!!  I love him to death!!!

Happy April!

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mom2four said...

Very fun! Happy 2 months Sam!