Sunday, April 24, 2011


"Your eyes will see the King in His beauty,"  Isaiah 33:17

Sophia was so thrilled that Easter had finally arrived today for more than one reason.  Of course a visit from the EB was pretty exciting...but so was the fact that she could eat ice cream again AND that she could again sing Alleluia in Church:)

Here is a glimpse of our Easter festivities....a special one of course for sweet Sam, being his first:)

Look at what grew from those Magic beans....

Finding the first Easter eggs

Pretty even right out of bed:)

After Church...loving the sunshine!

Sophia was sooo willing to pose for me today....she looked sooo cute in her Easter dress!!!  Thanks Yiayia!!

Just because life around here isn't always peachy keeny....had to include this picture...Poor J....didn't want to take pictures today.... He was kinda cranky this morning... I'm blaming it on the switch to a new allergy medicine...I think we will be back to good ole claritin tomorrow:) attempt at all three of them smiling:)

Sam smiles sooo much...just not in THIS picture!!:)

YAYYYY...She did it...went 40 whole days without ice of course we had it after lunch and Easter dinner as a treat!  I'm so proud of this girl!  Such will power!

Almost ready to give me a "real" smile by lunch time:)

The cake and cookies I brought to Omi's for Easter dinner!  Good thing I took the picture of the cake BEFORE it started to sag...guess a few of my chocolate layers were too heavy for the white layers!

Unfortunately... I brought my camera with a freshly charged battery to Omi's for Easter dinner...but left my memory card at home..uggghhh!!  But...the kids had a fabulous time on a second Easter egg hunt and of course had tons of fun just playing with Omi, Papa, and Auntie E!
Happy Easter!


koki said...

Cutest Easter outfits ever . . . on the cutest kiddos ever! Sad I didn't get to see them in the outfits in person! I want to frame the one of all 3 smiling! And, the cake . . . and the cookies! Busy Lia?? Happy Birthday week to my sweet SPS! Can't wait to come for ice cream this week. xoxo thea

koki said...

ps - where is the picture of you downing a bowl of PB M&M's??? I'm ready for those too this week. xxoo