Friday, April 22, 2011

Eggstra Special...

It was a special day at our house yesterday.....time to finally color Easter eggs!  Sophia's last day of school before Easter Break was we were excited to do some decorating on her day off.  

Yiayia came to extra set of hands is always a good idea anytime you have a 3-year old working with food coloring:)  She brought some fun colors and we got just a tiny bit creative with some new techniques:)  I thought it would be fun to put the kids initials on the eggs....of course it was a little more difficult than I anticipated...but they turned out cute:)  Sophia also wanted to try the rubber band trick (see green egg below) and the toothbrush trick...hmmmm....I think we'll just stick to the basics next year:) Oh and can you see all the cracks on the blue egg?... I think someone may not have been stirring very delicately!

Of course J had more fun inside the Easter bag that Yiayia gave him!  He's too funny!

Here is Miss S ready to decorate...

So serious....J needed a few reminders to move the egg around GENTLY!

Love how intent he is...

Such a pretty color from the Princess

Moving on to red...

Here are Yiayia and Sophia trying out the toothbrush trick...but not too successfully.

Mr. SW was napping (or trying to nap) while we decorated.  But we did get a few pics of him later with his FIRST Easter bunny from Yiayia.  Look at that smile....ooohh I just want to squeeze him ALL of the time.  He is getting to be such a BIG boy.....and he is just incredibly sweet!!!!  Yep...he is wearing 6 monthers now...(he'll be 3 months on May 1st:)

Our day ended on a sour note, however.  Sophia hadn't felt 100% all day.... and I assumed it was allergies...but when she finally got up the nerve to admit she had a sore throat....I immediately worried it was strep (it was in her classroom last week) and we went straight for the doctor (exactly why she never tells me when she is sick b/c she HATES doctors and HATES the medicine even more). Funny though...she told me she hoped it was strep b/c if it wasn't she knew I would make her take allergy medicine which apparently she hates even more!!!!!

But of course when we came home it took a fierce battle to get her to down that strep antibiotic.  Whew! This girl is STRONG-WILLED.  But on a good note...she is starting to feel better today.  J was not feeling well today, but his strep test came back negative...keeping fingers crossed that we are all healthy in time for MR E.B's visit tomorrow:)

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koki said...

Love J in the bag . . . too funny. Wish I could have been there . . J's cracked egg is a propos ;) Princess S looks so pretty in her pig tails - glad she is feeling better? And, SW . . . I need to come hold him before he gets any bigger. Can't wait to hear about the E.B. xoxo thea