Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Around the House

Here is how we spend much of our time these days...

Sam likes to lay on his butterfly mat and take it all in.  He even lets Willie give him kisses on his hand!  He is growing sooooo fast...and will probably be eating us out of house and home before long!! Can't wait for his doctor's appt this week!

Joseph reads books with me and even read to Sam today!!! He loves looking at old cards and of course playing cars!!!

Making a silly face!

Miss Sophia was playing photographer with MY camera!  But I love that I finally have a picture with Sam (even if you can see the HUGE imperfection on my chin!! Ha, ha!!)  I guess I don't really feel like I have to be all that glamourous when much of my day consists of cleaning up potty seats, wiping bottoms and washing spit up off of my shoulders.  BUT don't get me wrong.... I wouldn't trade any of it!!!!

And though I don't have a picture of Sophia today...she was the real star!  A special letter arrived in our mailbox this evening....and this is what it read:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. S,

I am pleased to inform you that your daughter, Sophia, has been chosen by her teacher for the Christ's Light Recognition Award.  Her teachers state, "Sophia is constantly showing level "D" (that is good:) behavior at school.  She does this by always trying her very best in all that she does, by being kind to everyone, and by always participating at Mass."

We are all very proud of Sophia's willingness to spread the light of Christ throughout our school.  Thank you for helping to instill this love of neighbor and the light of Jesus in your daughter.

Christ's Peace,
Michael C

We are so stinking proud of this little girl!! She never fails to amaze or impress us!  How did we get so lucky????


koki said...

So, so proud of my sweet Sophie P! She is already making the world a better place at age 6.9999. Xoxo, thea

mom2four said...

So incredible...how proud you must be of her when reading that letter. Sam looks older...again! Can't wait to see Joseph again at My Gym. :)