Saturday, April 23, 2011

A special visit

When our doorbell rang early this morning....this is what we found...

Where did that sneaky bunny go??

Here are my little bunnies reading their note from Mr. E.B. and Joseph, of course, is ooohing over the jb's

Look at those sweet little feet:)

Sophia is so very excited for the Easter Bunny....and she told me tonight when going to bed...."YAY...Jesus will be RISEN tomorrow!"  I love how important her faith already is to her!

J ready to plant those beans!!

Look what we found while digging for just the perfect spot?  (Oh...and of course we have to have the helmet on too....It is J's new favorite thing.....thanks to Mr. K.....our neighbor who obviously was looking out for J's best interests after seeing him fly down our driveway on his trike with no helmet on...are we bad parents or what?????)  Thank you thank you Mr. K!!!!!

Here are the beans in their spot!

Didn't get many pictures of Miss S.....she was mad that I made her put a jacket was a bit chilly and geez...aren't we trying to get over strep?? we shall wait for the Mystery.
"In the same way the Lord God will make grow what is right." Isaiah 61:11

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yiayia said...

God loves all children---and I know he loves these babies---I love love love all three of them. Happy Easter. Yiayia