Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miss April

April is her month!!!  I love waiting for these purple flowers to bloom in our yard every  year.....they remind me of her.  They don't last long...but they are beautiful!!! I remember them blooming right before she was born almost SEVEN years ago!  Her big day is still two weeks away...but she is already counting the days.  

She has grown up so much this year.....She has been the best big sister to Joseph and her new baby brother.  They both adore her...Who wouldn't?  She is still very headstrong and determined...but she also has lots of heart....she is a sensitive little one, and her heart is sensitive for others too.

She is such a good conscientious...and gives it her all.  My heart broke today when she came home from school and told me she didn't pass her math facts test...and come to find out...we were practicing the WRONG problems...totally mommy's fault this time.    I felt so guilty.....  I really try to stay on top of it all...and give equal attention to all three...but oh my... I have to admit... it is a hard job being a mommy!!!

I know God gave her to me to make me a better person!!! This little girl gave up her MOST favorite thing for Lent (Ice Cream).....and I admit.... I wasn't even able to do it.  She has wanted it soooo many times....but has never given  in to the temptation.  I told her she can have ice cream for breakfast on Easter morning... I can't believe her determination:)  Pretty perfect that the theme for her party this year will be an ice cream one!! She deserves it!!

And can't forget this little guy... he just goes with the flow.  Such a SWEET heart!   Sometimes we have big plans to have a memory game contest or go outside and make some "shoots" (what he calls baskets) and then Sam cries or gets fussy and I have to give my attention to him.  Little J never whines or complains about it.  He is so happy go lucky...not sure how I got so lucky to have him!!!

He wanted me to take a picture of the "pattern" he made at lunch the other day....after we had made a pink and green bunny banner pattern for our mantle.   Here is his pattern...pear, cheese puff, pear, cheese puff....Good work Joe!

One more feeding for the night (hopefully) and this tired mommy is turning in for the night until tomorrow:)

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koki said...

Miss April is more and and more beautiful each year . . .and she is one of a kind . . .love her soooooooo much. Glad she has you to help her with her math, I can't help much after 2nd grade level. ;) And, little J . . . already into patterns! Very impressed! Get some sleep, Lia! xoxo thea