Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big Sister Love

Sam LOVES Sophia
Sophia LOVES Sam

They make quite the pair.  I loved having Sophia home last Friday and Monday....she was my best helper!!!! She truly has the magic touch...when all else fails....if I put Sam in Sophia's lap.....he almost always calms down!

Sam can be stingy with his smiles...but he gives lots to his Big Sister.  Tonight when we put Joseph in bed Sophia asked if she could hold Sam.  We placed him in her arms while she was sitting on her bed.  When we came back in...she had tucked him in right next to her and they were holding hands.  Sam was just smiling at her...with those adoring eyes.  So sweet....and though I didn't have my camera's a memory I won't forget!

I'm so proud of this little girl.  I was a bit worried when we brought Sam home....she had been soooo excited about this new baby, but  rebelled a bit just by acting up a few times ... I think all she wanted was a chance to snuggle and love on this little guy all by herself.  Not only is she a great big sister...but she is also a great student.  Her report from her teacher on conference day last week was glowing.  And today she came home and told me she volunteered and was chosen to read a reading at Mass this Friday.  The reading is VERY difficult...words I barely can pronounce.  She told me she was nervous and asked if I thought she would do okay....I told her I had no doubt she would do wonderfully!  Not even seven yet...and already so grown up!  So thankful I have her!


mom2four said...

So sweet!! Love these pics! I'm so happy for all of you!

Jenn said...

That is just so precious! They were meant to be together. I love seeing the bond they already have!! Dying to see him myself SOON!!!!

koki said...