Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pancakes, Penguins, and Pictures

It is National Pancake Day today.  I am not a huge fan of pancakes...nor am I a fan of the smell of pancakes cooking on a griddle...but let's just say I took one for the team today.  When I announced that it was National Pancakes Day.....the kids were immediately excited at the opportunity to have breakfast for dinner....so I could not disappoint.  Found a good "from scratch" recipe....and heated up the griddle.  Sophia LOVED them....J...not so much...but he devoured the berries I had with them.  As for myself...I am still smelling that awful....left over pancake on the griddle smell....

Today was also Sam's ONE MONTH birthday.  I do not like milestones like these......How can four weeks have possibly passed so quickly?  Maybe the little sleep has taken a toll on my sense of time....but truly... I can not believe it has already been four weeks since we held this little one in our arms for the first time.  I had great hopes of having a small photo session to document this one month anniversary...but once the penguin research (for Sophia's school project ) was finished, once the math flashcards were practiced, once the clothes were changed not once but twice...after a few messy Sam blowouts....my little man.... was not too thrilled to pose for my camera.

Here are a few pics I was able to get and even a few smiles from my serious Sam.  I even got some baby coos and baby smiles today...what a treat!!!!

I have other pics I want to post...but I have been knee deep in cleaning out closets, reorganizing, and trying to make some decisions.....I am HORRIBLE about making decisions....but.....I am happy to say that I have finally made decisions on room arrangements upstairs, paint colors for all but one room, bedding decisions, big boy bed and dresser decisions....and car decisions that will allow all three to finally fit in the car WITH their car seats.

I have had little time for cleaning...crafts, and baking.  And though the only quiet time I have had is watching Max and Ruby with J while feeding Sam....I must admit....I wouldn't trade it for anything more.


mom2four said...

Oh, so cute! Love the pics! He is looking older already!

koki said...

Those pics of SW are wonderful! Wish I was there for pancake night . . . did you have bacon? :) xoxo thea