Saturday, March 12, 2011

All grown up!

Joseph had his last night in his baby bed last night.  At a few months over 3 years.... we figured it was time!  He has grown into such a big boy these last few months...but still he seems like my baby....He is definitely all boy.  He is my crazy little twenty question can't sit still little " I will test all the limits" little guy.  So putting him in a big boy bed....seems a bit worrisome to me....I am not quite sure how I will keep him in the bed all night when he knows he has complete freedom to get out.  All I can do is threaten him with his life....ha, ha!!! I gave him the big...."You must stay under your covers" talk before tucking him in and even told him that he might just find a brand new match box car in the mason jar on his dresser in the morning if he does in fact stay in his bed.  It will be interesting to see how he does.  I have only been called up once...just to install an "extra" night light!

Here are some pictures of him before his last night in his baby bed....

Love how he still loves to sleep with my old bear, Theodore!

You'd never know that he had a huge melt down 3 minutes before these pictures were taken!  Oh...the ups and downs of the three-year old!

And here is my all grown up little boy in his BIG boy bed!!!!!  He looks so tiny in there!!!

Big sister Sophia read part of the bed time prayer to him.  She even offered up her light up lady bug since  J's light up turtle is out of batteries!!!  

Snug as a bug

He already looks like a pro with this big boy bed thing, huh?

Even Willie settled right in during our bed time story ritual!

Okay little J....sleep tight...sweet dreams!!!


koki said...

Love the last pic of sweet, sweet J looking very relaxed and comfy in his new big boy bed. Can't wait to hear how the first night goes! Hopefully, everyone will sleep in since we are losing a precious hour! xoxo, thea

Jenn said...

What a big boy! I hope he had a great first night in his big boy bed (glad the movers didn't drop it down the stairs like he was so worried about while I was there!) He is getting so big...but there is still lots of baby left...don't worry! He is the sweetest little guy!