Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby steps

After this weekend, I am learning to appreciate baby steps.  I am learning to be satisfied when I can cross just ONE thing off of my to do list rather than complete the whole thing.  We had hopes of accomplishing so much this weekend....we didn't get it all finished...but at least we made some baby steps.

First accomplishment:

 I finally worked on getting some pictures for Sam's announcement.  Yes... he is already four weeks...but better late than never..right?  No, this is not the picture I chose.....just one of the MANY that I took.  Yes... I tortured Sophia, Joseph and Sam for way too long just to get one decent picture.  Hope I got it!!!

Second accomplishment:

One of the three is sleeping in their new room tonight....Brett worked hard taking apart beds and moving them today.  Sam is still sleeping next to me in our room....and Joseph has made a detour to what will be Sam's room....but hoping by the end of the week at least two of the three will be settled in.  Still waiting for J's bed and for paint.  J's bedding looks pretty funny against the pink walls of Sophia's old room.  Still need to move clothes out of closets and dressers....but like I steps. It was pretty chaotic trying to move 3 rooms with lots of tiny feet running around, jumping on mattresses...etc.  

Third accomplishment:  

I cleared off two of my memory cards and saved pictures to cds.  I made one photo book of Sam's pictures and still have one more to go of Joseph's birthday.  ( I guess I also have to mention that I still have a PILE of prints in Brett's office that just keeps getting larger....someday I may make the time to put them in an album....but at least they are in some sort of timely order for now!!!)

Fourth accomplishment:

We got Sam to fall asleep in his swing tonight so I can actually type this.  He is still our little night owl who prefers to stay up all I am thrilled that he is sleeping for a bit so I can get a few things finished before our social worker comes tomorrow for our first post placement visit.  Let's just hope she doesn't ask to go upstairs!!!!

Today I put Sam in a new outfit....a SIX monther outfit!!! This little guy is getting so big!!!  Loved how handsome he looked in these baby blues....and love the little blanket given to him by a sweet, sweet family!!!!  He's had lots of J's a blanket all his pretty special!!!

Speaking of.....he is still swinging...but waking up....just in time for his 10 o'clock bottle!  Now, hoping the alleve I just took for this painful sinus headache doesn't put me to sleep!


yiayia said...

I cannot believe his little smiles. So cute. <3 Yiayia

mom2four said...

Love him!!

Sandy said...


Jenn said...

We have that little lion outfit...Sam is ADORABLE in it! The pic of the 3 of them is perfect...they all look like they were just meant to be those sweet smiles!!!