Monday, March 21, 2011

Just what we needed

Today marked the last day of Sophia's spring break :(  We didn't go on any fancy vacations, we didn't have exciting activities planned for every day....we simply stayed home and enjoyed our break from the usual school routine.  I enjoyed my break from packing lunches and washing uniforms, and will greatly miss my little helper when she goes back to school tomorrow.  

There were a few fun activities we had hoped to do at the end of the week last week...but our plans changed when Miss S caught a nasty little stomach bug Thursday night.  Poor, poor girl!  I felt sooo terrible for her...She's such a trooper....  I hate for her to be sick anytime...but it's especially hard during breaks:(

We did find time for a few small crafts....  We pulled out our huge button stash and sorted the buttons by color to come up with a rainbow....just in time for Saint Patrick's Day!  We made some leprechaun cookies and had fun leaving them at our neighbor's doorsteps.  We played outside, went to the park, rode bikes, did puzzles, played Polly Pockets, and watched lots of movies....Stuart Little, being my favorite.

So tomorrow.... it will just be me and the boys again.  Hard to believe Spring is here again....with Easter and Miss S's birthday right around the corner.  Oh how time flies!


koki said...

Glad S is feeling better ... Yay for spring. Summer is right around the corner! Xoxo Thea

mom2four said...

So glad she is feeling better!