Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sometimes I think I spend so much time working with J on letters and sounds that we often forget about numbers and counting.  When I saw this little number recognition game here... I knew it was the perfect idea for us!  A perfect little fishing game to teach number recognition and enhance one to one correspondence skills.  And since Mr. Sam has been spending much of his time fussing lately is the perfect quiet little game that J and I can fit in between feeding time, rocking time, and cuddling time.  

Look at that serious counting! :)

I made 10 fish out of scrapbook paper, laminated them, and glued eyes on them.  I put a number from 1 to 10 on each fish.  J gets to pull out a fish, look at the number, and then give that fish the corresponding amount of bubbles using the floral beads I found at the dollar store!  He loves to make them swim into the ocean and make them say "glub, glub" after he has counted out the bubbles!  

And here's a little smile I caught from the other little man this afternoon!


koki said...

Cute, cute!! J is such a doll and S is getting so big - can't believe it. Xoxo thea

mom2four said...

You are the best mommy. :)

koki said...

look at j's lashes? they keep getting longer! :) xoxo thea