Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So long Second!

Our first baby is officially a THIRD-grader.  I got a little teary eyed today at pick-up while the boys and I were waiting for Sophia.  J of course asked why I was sad and I told him that the end of every year makes me a little sad because it just means my babies are getting a little older.  He told me that he would still give me hugs when he got that boy!

Here she is coming out of school...

She looks excited for summer, doesn't she?

She only had 2 hours of school this morning...basically just a Mass...but, look... she sure didn't forget to bring a book along just in case she had time to read!!! :)

Then we got ready for a little slip and slide party at a friend's house!  She's sooo excited about her new TWO piece!

And...well....he's ALWAYS too cool for school...

Our week this week was kind of a blur....but I don't want to miss someone's special day!  We didn't do much to celebrate....but when there is a birthday in our house....there is always CAKE!!! Happy Birthday B!  And.....YAY for excited to have S and J home every day!!!!

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