Thursday, May 3, 2012

EIGHT is Great!!!

She is officially EIGHT!

Second grade has been the year of fairies for our Miss Sophie P.  When one of her classmates told her about her magical fairy who came through her fairy door into her room each night leaving secret notes...Sophia couldn't stop talking about the possibilities of having her very own fairy door.  And at Christmas time....she couldn't have been more thrilled when she received it.  She immediately begged her Daddy to nail this little fairy door to her wall and she waited for the fairy's arrival.  The "fairy" has left a special note almost every night since!  So it is no surprise that when it came time to plan the party...Sophia chose a FAIRY theme.

I was sounded so girly, so springy, so PINK!   I made a few decorations....found these little mini lanterns in the wedding section at Michael's and used my Martha Stewart butterfly cutter to cut butterflies out of some sweet patchwork scrapbook paper.  I then hot glued them to the lanterns... and added a few little "on sale" decorative butterflies.

I was most excited to make these little fairy cookies.  I found these on one of my favorite cookie blogs.   Bea is from Mexico and comes up with the sweetest designs ever!!  I emailed her and asked her many questions about how she made these cookies and then I went to work.... Bea was incredible.  She gave me step by step instructions and even helped me locate the perfect cutter for the job!

I almost gave these fairies blond hair to match my Sophia's...but I loved how the brown color looked...and I'm sure some fairies out there do have brown hair anyway:)

In the last few months I have made a carrot cake and lemon curd cake.  Chocolate is usually my go I am proud of myself for venturing out!! And for this occasion....the Missy decided she wanted a STRAWBERRY cake.  So...this is a four layer strawberry cake with pink cream cheese frosting.  The birthday girl and Sammy LOVED it.  

The favors in cute little strawberry baskets.

Sophia was giddy with excitement with every present she opened.

She LOVED this $19.99 castle from Michael's because she already had big plans to paint it with her Daddy:)

Sam thought the present opening was pretty fun too!

But what this little girl really wanted.....she didn't find in a box.  After she had opened all of her presents we told her that Daddy had one more Wii game for her still in his car.

But this is what she found instead!

She hopped on this BIG girl bike (with handle brakes) without hesitation and picked it up with no trouble at all...and of course Mr. Copy Cat did the same with his bike!

She was soooo excited that she actually got the blue bike she had been dreaming of....AND it even matches those beautiful baby blues of hers!

Cake time is always a bit I am sad I didn't get great pictures...the lighting and focus was off....but still love her expressions!

She has been so excited to ride her new bike every day after school this week.  We didn't have much time before dance on Tuesday.... but I told her we could take a quick jaunt to the mailbox.  She took off before I could run after her and took a rather big fall at the bottom of the drive.  Can you see her boo boo on her knee underneath those tights?  (This was actually much after the fall... after we had already changed tights and cleaned her up).  We barely made it to dance in time and she was one sad little girl .....absolutely positive that she had broken her arm.  Of course she had not.....and this picture was taken after dance and dinner when I finally convinced her the best thing to do was to get back on that bike and try...try...again!  My little S is not a quitter!! She got back on that bike an didn't look back!!!

Hope your year is all downhill from here, sweet girl!

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koki said...

What a fun party for my favorite beautiful girl. Growing up way too fast. xxoo, Thea aka fairy godmother ;)