Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Little "Rocky"

So things have been a little "rocky" around here... you might say. I literally had to stop and look at the calendar today to check the date. I can't believe September is already here! Sophia has been in school now for around three weeks and I still don't feel like I am in the "groove." Soccer has begun....Joe's kindermusik is well underway...and Daisy's is just around the corner. I have been in the ER three times, had surgery and passed at least 6 kidney stones. I feel like I have missed all of the fun! But looking through the pictures on my camera tonight, I realized that at least I have pictures of all that has been going on....so I guess I haven't missed too much!

Kindermusik was the first class I ever enrolled Sophia in...and she loved every minute of it! I loved going with her and met some other really great people along the way. So now it's Joseph's turn! I was so excited to take him..as he takes after his sister and LOVES to dance. He requests the "Boom Boom" song (yes..I'm embarrassed to admit that my son knows the lyrics for a Black Eyed Pea song verbatim), and will stop what he is doing at anytime and start dancing when it comes on the radio. Here he is before his first class.

I think he enjoyed most of the class and probably thought it was pretty funny that I was actually sweating when we left...not from intense music exercise...but from stressing that he would not sit on my lap or follow any sort of direction. And rocking time....forget it. Boys will be boys. I coaxed Daddy into coming to the next class (the class is in the evening...I admit... I was so late in enrolling that I had to settle for a ridiculously inappropriate class time for a 19 month old), and things were a bit better. Tonight I "soloed" it again...and my little man had so much fun trying to squirm from my arms that I felt like I had been to a weight lifting class by the time we left. I did get lots of "just because" hugs throughout class, though, so I guess that makes up for his silly boy behavior!

Sophia seems to be adjusting to her new routine well, despite the fact that she continues to insist that I park the car and walk her into her classroom each morning rather than drop her off in the usual car drop off. We have actually made it to the front of the car line more than once....when she decided she just couldn't do it...so I just keep on driving right past the Principal...who probably thinks we just like to wave to him each morning without getting out of the car. Secretly.... I don't mind....I still love walking her to her room and giving her one last squeeze....and listening to little J say "ba-bye eeeea!"

Sophia's excitement this past weekend...a sleep over at Thea's! She was literally so excited to go, she could hardly eat! I thought she was going to have a screaming fit when for a moment she thought that my unfortunate trip to the ER might destroy her plans...but Thea made it just in time! She had great fun playing at her favorite parks, eating corn on the cob, and of course watching the new Hannah Montana dvd Thea had for her! Thanks Thea for such a fun weekend!

This little girl is 5 going on 17. Watching her sing to her favorite songs (all Hannah Montana, of course) is a riot. I wish she could stay 5 forever...probably not likely seeing as she has already LOST her 2nd tooth! And when I say LOST....I mean it...literally. We have been trying to pull this tooth for weeks because it looks like the one behind it is starting to come in crooked. But pulling this little gal's teeth can be more than a challenge.... she is sooo scared. So, we left it alone and checked it's wiggle status frequently. Well, Monday afternoon Yiayia came over and asked to see her tooth... and low and behold... it was gone...nowhere to be found...lost....vanished. Sophia was thrilled that it obviously came out without the anguish she had been predicting! We thought maybe she had swallowed it, and explained that there were no worries to be had...the Tooth Fairy...like Santa Claus was always watching and would of course already know of this momentous occasion. So, of course, all was well, and the Tooth Fairy still visited. Here she is showing off her Tooth Fairy certificate and coins!

And the very next day....her tooth was FOUND. Daddy must have some good eyes..b/c he found it on the floor in the playroom. So I guess since the Tooth Fairy already came...we'll get to keep this one! :)

Whew... is it the weekend yet? Couldn't have survived the past month without Yiayia... she has been here bright and early many a day so I could race off to the doctor or another appointment! Thank you, thank you! :)

So....okay....maybe I'm almost in the groove now. We're three weeks into the school year...both kids have colds....flu shots given (No tears for baby J by the way....Sophia cried enough for both of them and she didn't even get the shot...just the mist... imagine that!!!)...and I'm already checking my calendar for Christmas vacation! :) Maybe some milk and one of these is in order before bed tonite!


Kelsey Bakalar said...

Amalia, I don't know how you do it! I certainly hope you are feeling better now that those stones have passed. Your kids look healthy, happy, and darling, of course! I need to know more about this kindermusik business???

yiayia said...

To my brave little daughter----I just want you to get healthy and stay that way! Remembering those kindergarten days when I couldn't even take you to school b/c you wouldn't EVEN get out of the car! Bless Sophia's little heart. This little guy of ours is the cutest thing! All I hear in my head when I come home is "Yiayia, Yiayia". I just smile! Busy times for these busy little ones. <3