Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread Madness!

We started with one large batch of gingerbread dough...and it may have taken us a week to construct and decorate, but FINALLY our 2008 Standard gingerbread houses are complete....and everyone took part!!! Sophia even made her own gingerbread wreath! She rolled out and cut so many gingerbread men in the time it took me to roll out and cut the pieces for 5 houses....that we were able to make a wreath out of her creations! She is the best baker ever! I am so proud of her!
I did the dough making, rolling and cutting, and much of the frosting. Brett, of course, completed the building and construction. Sophia was our architect, as she designed the very last house on paper and instructed me how to frost it. I guess you could say Joseph was our project manager....He watched to make sure we were all doing our jobs! "Build Together" is our motto afterall, right?


Eryn said...

The houses look awesome! I get to finally start mine tomorrow...that is if Jason hasn't already eatin all the decorative candy bits...haha! Hope you are all staying warm!

koki said...

Madness is an understatement, Lia! I'm very impressed - the Standard's are so artistic! ;)

yiayia said...

The song says it all! These are the special times. What a wonderful tradition the "Standard" family has. Thank heaven Brett loves what he does---he leaves to build and comes home to build!!! I still think you need to open a bakery!!!! An entire family with talent--where'd you guys come from??????? :-) <3