Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too cute!

Just in case you are looking for birthday ideas for moi.... thought these were too cute! Check out this website:
www.swedeatheart.com. Sweet gifts for mommies and new mommies. I love the infinity circle necklace!

Also if you want a chance to win one by entering a contest, check out this blog at takeabowcreations.blogspot.com.

Also thought this was "too cute,"


koki said...

well, lord amalia, you might receive a million of the same necklace if you don't watch out!!!!!! hahaha. i absolutely love the main pic of S & J btw. precious. i guess now you are now a professional photog and a professional baker? xoxo

yiayia said...

Lia Lia Lia!!!!I think the infinity is PERFECTO for you! -and those two cuties are waaaaaaaaaay toooo cute. <3