Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Last week Pappou offered us tickets to the KU game at the Sprint Center.  S and J were really excited that we told them we were going to get to watch the Jayhawks play!  So when Sophia came down with Croup on Thursday night, missing school on Friday, we thought we might have to change our plans.....When we told Sophia we may not be able to go...she was HEARTBROKEN.  Sooo... we  did our best to nurse her back to her healthy self and we bundled both the kids up (of course the weather took a turn for the worst that day...bringing frigid temps, blowing wind, and some snow!!) and headed downtown.  Our seats were tremendous...and the kids had a ball!!!! I was amazed at how intent they were at watching the game....well, Sophia at least!  She clapped and cheered...and was excited to show off her red and blue nails..(don't worry....I took the polish off before school on Monday!)  Joseph was excellent too....he loved to look for Big and Little Jay on the court and was fascinated by the "Beak Em Hawks" visors the people behind us were wearing!!!

There was a family sitting next to us with a little boy a little older than Joseph.  The father was showing him how we say "WHOOSH" when our players would shoot free throws.  Joseph immediately picked up on it....(always wanting to do what the big kids are doing) and began throwing his arms up in the air yelling WHOOSH everytime a shot was fired...only he didn't quite get the hang of it....Instead of bringing his arms down... he would raise his arms up and bring them smack down on top of his head!  It was soo funny!!!

Thanks Pappou for the tickets....I'm pretty sure we already have some future Jayhawks on our hands!!!

On another note...only TEN days left until!! Still so much to so little time..... How did this month slip away from me??? Missy's last day of school this semester is Friday.....She is halfway through first grade....I must be dreaming!!!   She is growing up before my eyes....reading Magic Tree House books, learning about graphs, contractions, possessives, addition and subtraction. Her Yiayia and I talk often about how comfortable she is at school...and how much she LOVES school.  Her eagerness each and every day thrills me!!! She is such an independent little girl....I am sooo proud of her for being her own person.  She is so grown up....yet still so innocent.  I am always excited to have her home with me...and of course J will be ecstatic to have his playmate home full time!!!

Over the last few weeks, we have tried to fit in a few fun "Christmasy"classics...."Santa Claus is Coming to Town," and "Rudolph" of course.  We also took a drive to see one of our favorite holiday light displays one night this week.  If you live in our area and haven't yet checked out The Ultimate Tree....DO IT!  It is so worth it....and the kids will love to watch the lights move to the beat of the music!!!  Here is Joseph watching it from our car (cell phone picture...sorry for the blur!!!) all can probably imagine....that one of my most favorite activities during the holidays is baking holiday cookies.....  My sister reminded me the other day...that I need to take time to let the kids "really" make cookies with me....that means...letting them dig into the frosting, get dirty and eat their own creations.  Between orders and teacher plates, etc... I haven't had time just to make cookies for fun until this afternoon.  We changed up our thumbprint recipe...left out the nuts (at the request of Sophia)
and made some "nutless" thumbprints and filled them with lots of red and green frosting....mixed of course by my two little chefs.  I think Sophia will have red fingers for a week (just like her mama).  And well the majority of Joseph's frosting went straight in his mouth:) The cookies weren't the prettiest...but they sure were yummy and fun to make!!!

When I was cleaning up....I snapped a picture of them dancing to one of our favorite soundtracks..."Corrina, Corrina!"

We talked tonight at the dinner table about how we can not believe Joseph is going to be THREE in less than a month.  I joked with Sophia about the day that I remember her (clear as day) telling me..."I wish we could send him back....he cries ALL the time!"  She laughed when I reminded her of this.  And we told Joseph....when you were a cried a lot, huh?  His response..."No.. I not a baby... I a big boy!!!!"Hard to believe it's been close to three years....but sorry little buddy...You are still MY baby!!!

Okay....this Santa is off to wrap a present or two!:)


koki said...

Such sweet, special memories you make make during this festive (and hectic) time of year! They warm my heart on cold winter nights like this. Love you, Lia. S & J & W are so blessed to have you and B in their lives . . . xxooo thea

yiayia said...

It's hard for this 'old people' not to reminisce about my two babies when I see these darling pix. From the KU games to the excitement and wonder of the season---I'm so blessed to be doing it all over again!!!! These two are priceless. <3 Yiayia