Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We didn't take any big trips this spring break, but opted rather for a little "stay cation."  We tried to hit a few fun spots around town and have a little fun at home.  

Science City was one of our first stops.

Here they are learning about what a potty on a space shuttle might be like:)

Magic...where did their other halves go?

Helicopters and airplanes and Sammy was in heaven.

Bowling is always something fun to do on a cold and snowy day.  And I am going to admit that my 8 year old did beat me!!!

We had some snow over spring break this year...so we thought if we grew some grass seeds inside....we could pretend we were really having spring like weather! We decorated a few cups and made our own grass men.

And Paint Glaze and Fire for my little artists was too much fun.  You can imagine the amount of paint all over Mr. Sammy when he was finished.  He even painted his hair!

A dinner date with some sweet friends at our favorite spot to eat!!!

Maybe I do have a green thumb after all??? Naaaahhh

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