Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reading Queen


I am so thankful that Sophia LOVES to read. From the time she was tiny, books were always her favorite toys! Her love of reading had to be a miracle... because I absolutely hated to read when I was growing up. Teaching kindergarten, however, changed my perspective as I fell in love with so many childrens' books. I started, then, buying a number of my favorites so that I could save them for my babies! I'm so glad I did. Sophia still loves to go through my kindergarten boxes and pick out books to read.

So, when Joseph was born....I assumed he would share this same love of reading. Not quite. I know he is still EXTREMELY young, but I can't get him to look at a book for the life of me. He is a mover...always on the go. Looking at a book requires him to sit still for too long....must be a boy thing. But... I try each day to get through at least one book. We read "Goodnight Moon" to Sophia every night from the time she was a month old...AND she was attentive, even at that young age. So, you can imagine my paranoia when little Joe wants to stare at the remote control rather than the book I am trying to read him. But today, my fears were put to rest! Sophia pulled out one of the books we had gotten at the library earlier in the morning and began reading to Joseph while he was in his exersaucer. Yes, occasionally he would have a wandering eye, but not for long...Sophia kept saying, "NO Joseph! Eyes on me...look at the book!" And sure enough he watched as she told the story from memory (having read it only once before with me). Even with all the distractions on his exersaucer....he watched those pages turn from beginning to end. So maybe it wasn't that he didn't like to look at books afterall....maybe he just needed the RIGHT storyteller!

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koki said...

Hi - had fun today - now I'm trying to figure out this blogging and flickr thing! xoxo