Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Finally Asleep!

We have always been very lucky when it comes to Sophia's sleeping habits. We established a good bedtime routine from early on...bath, story, prayers and bed. When she moved to her big girl bed, we put railings up (to prevent any falls) and instructed her that she had to stay in her bed at night ( our biggest fear was that she might try to come down the stairs which are an unforgiving hardwood). I was amazed that she never tried to get out of bed. But for the last 6 months or so, we often hear the pitter patter of little feet and an occasional "thump"as Sophia jumps out of bed to get another baby, look at a book, or even peek on brother Joseph. A few weeks ago, Sophia discovered that if she opened her shutters she could see the downstairs laundry room window from her window. She told me one morning that she had seen me ironing the night before. So the next night (of course I was doing laundry) I peeked out the laundry window and up at her room....sure enough I could see the shutters were slightly opened. I couldn't see her face...but I always waved a blew her a kiss...just in case she was watching. Well, this went on for a few nights. Last week, however, I heard lots of noise upstairs for much longer than usual, and then for a while it was quiet. I thought she had fallen asleep until we heard this horrible shrieking. Brett offered to go up and check on her as I was finally just sitting down before I had to feed Joseph his last feeding of the day. When Brett checked on her and asked her what was wrong, she said " Mommy was not doing laundry tonight!" She had worked herself into such a tizzy....all because mommy was not in the laundry room that night! I guess this fitful night is reason enough for me to not slack on my laundry duties!!! :)

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