Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Half Birthday Joseph!!!

It sounds so cliche...."where did the time go?" But truly, I can NOT believe our little Joe is already 6 months old. It seems like yesterday that Brett and I were frantically packing our bags so we could get to Iowa in time for Joseph's birth. We were full of excitement, but soooo nervous. In fact we were an hour or so into our drive before we realized we had not asked what hospital we were headed for. We were ecstatic when we received a phone call along the way and learned that the birthmother had given birth to a healthy 6 lb baby boy. We had prayed for so many months for this call, and yet when we finally arrived at the hospital late that evening, we were both overcome by nervousness...I remember knocking on the hospital room door with sweaty palms and butterflies in my stomach. With the whole adoption process we had so many ups and downs and we felt like many of our prayers weren't being answered. But when I saw Joseph for the first time... I realized he was the reason for those unanswered prayers. He was the one God chose for us.

We are in love with his personality. He is the sweetest thing....smiles at EVERYONE, especially his big sister and his daddy! Even though he has tummy aches, reflux, etc.... he still smiles, smiles, smiles! I think he likes to put me to the test. Anyone who knows me, knows how I love to rely on schedules and routines. Well this little guy has thrown me for a loop! He likes to keep me guessing about what he is going to do next. Miss Sophia was very consistent about her naps and feedings, but Joseph likes to keep things interesting. I know God gave me him for a reason...he is just what I need. Like Brett always reminds me, "I need to change it up a bit!"

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