Thursday, July 24, 2008

First Teeth!!!!!

Surprise.....Not only did Joseph get his 1st tooth.... he got his 2nd tooth at the same time! For two good months Jo Jo has been chewing on everything in sight. Last week at our 6 month well check, our pediatrician told me she didn't even think his gums were swollen. I couldn't believe it... I thought for sure those teeth had to be coming soon! I guess we were right and the doctor was wrong...because today Brett discovered not one, but 2 teeth poking through! Hooray! We are so excited for him...maybe once these come in, his little toothers won't hurt so much! I tried to get some pictures, but as you can see, the new little guys are at their earliest stages...just peeking through the gums! Congratulations Jo Jo!

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