Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Our valentine's day started off with a scavenger hunt. The final clue led to a "surprise party" in the basement with a sweetheart breakfast! Sophia often likes to throw surprise parties in her kitchen and decorate the table with party hats and I thought it would be fun if I threw one for her! She loved it and thought it was pretty cool that she got to eat donuts in her playroom for breakfast! She opened up a new set for her doll house: the bathroom, equipped with a potty seat and all! She also was pretty excited about her diamond ring (only $2.98 at Learning Tree); but wrapped in a Tiffany's box made it seem much more glamorous! Joseph was thrilled with his Flip and Tip Fred trash/recycling truck....a rather apropos gift, since our next surprise for the day involved going to see the "Bob the Builder" show at the music hall. The theme for the show was all about how Bob and Wendy were going to build a new recycling center for Sunflower Valley! Sophia is really into Bob the Builder these days and often will only answer to "Wendy" which is the name of Bob's partner.

It was an extra special day for Sophia because she got mommy and daddy all to herself. Omi and Papa stayed with Joseph. Sophia chose Chic-Fil-A for lunch before heading to the show. She had a great time (even though she was pretty upset that Wendy did not wear pink). It was funny to watch how intent she was throughout the entire 90 minute show. Too bad Brett's attention span was not even close....he was too focused on checking the score to the KU/ KSU game. Sophia was pretty excited that she also got her own Bob the Builder hard hat and tool belt. And after finding mommy and daddy's hard hats (given to us at a couple's shower before our wedding) in the can imagine the fun we have had playing Bob the Builder these last few days! She looks hilarious in her tool belt and hat. Today she added a cell phone and tape measure to her belt, and she informed me that Bob lives in a mobile home!

And whew....last but not least....I did end up getting my Russell Stover heart full of chocolates from my valentine.....even though I had to drop about 50,000 hints that it was what I really wanted! But even more exciting....Sophia decided she wanted to try one of the chocolates....This was a HUGE breakthrough! This little girl has NEVER liked any sort of candy besides lollipops! I know I probably shouldn't be TRYING to get her to eat sweets....but once in a while a little candy can be a good bribe. Anyhow....she LOVED her first piece of chocolate...and has had at least two from my box every day since!!! Is she turning into a chocoholic like me????
Happy Valentine's Day!


Eryn said...

haha I love that Sophia wanted to eat at Chick-Fil-A before Bob the Builder...she is just like her Daddy! She looked too cute in that hard hat. I am glad to hear that everyone is feeling better!!! Now if the weather would just warm up again life would be perfect!!!

yiayia said...

Why not keep it in the family!!!!!! I am glad she had fun. Hope she's better at hammering than her Pappou! They both look so much better in these pix. I hope they're on the mend. Where do you come up with the apropos music!!!!! You're something 'o' daughter of mine. <3