Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A not so "Super" Sunday

What started off as Super....didn't end up as so. The weather this winter has been unbelievable....we have had more than a few days in January where the temps reached above 60. This past Saturday was one of those days. We took advantage of the fabulous weather and took the kids to the bike trail so Sophia could ride her new 2 wheel. We ended up walking (while Sophia rode) at least 3 miles on the trail, and finished the afternoon with some play time at the park. A beautiful day on Saturday....but not so beautiful on Sunday. Joseph got hit like a ton of bricks with a nasty bug and was sick all afternoon. Poor guy couldn't keep anything down...I think he might be trying to help me overcome my vomiting phobia (Sorry Joe....I'm still not over it, yet)! Anyway....we tried to make the best of our Super Bowl Sunday by watching a bit of the game and commercials with our "cool" 3-D glasses!

Unfortunately our night ended at Children's Mercy Urgent Care at 2:30 AM. We were worried that all the throwing up was causing Joseph to get too dehydrated. After many unsuccessful pedialyte trials, they finally gave him some zofran and we were finally able to start pumping fluids through him. Thank you sooooo much yiayia and pappou for coming over in the middle of the night to stay with Sophia, who is also under the weather with her stuffy little nose, cough and rosy red cheeks. Poor little girl!

PS Can you believe we can still get smiles from Joseph even when he is sooo sick????


koki said...

I can believe it - Jose loves his smiles! Hope they are both feeling better today! And, hope you and Brett have caught up on some of your lost sleep. xoxoxo

yiayia said...

Where did you get THOSE glasses?????? Too cute. I'm hoping this will be the ONLY serious thing little Joseph goes through. I am impressed Sophia rode for 3 miles!!!!!!!!!!!! She is my idol! <3

Eryn said...

I love Sophia's tights. I wish adults could get away with wearing those...haha!! Glad to see that everyone looks like they are feeling better!!! Hopefully the lil ones will feel good enough to enjoy this awesome weather we are suppose to get!