Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Break a leg!

We celebrated Sophia's first dance "recital" Monday afternoon. And it was quite the "celebration!" After last week's tap/ballet class at Blue Valley Rec, Sophia informed me that she would get to "perform" for her family at her last dance class. She was more than excited. She was thrilled that Miss Marilyn (her teacher) was going to bring special costumes for them to wear and of course probably more ecstatic that she might even get to wear some make-up!!!

In preparation for the big performance, Sophia and I spent the morning working on her manicure!! She chose a lovely bright pink nail polish and was pretty excited that she got to watch an extra Franklin show while her manicure dried!

And of course we had to get a pose all dressed up in her fancy dancy leotard and tutu before we left!

The show started out with the girls dressed in fancy skirts and wearing top hats. Soooo cute! I'll let the pictures do the talking!

A few more in their tap shoes...

And of course we can't forget the audience, right? Here is a cute one of Pappou with Mr. Joe! Joseph was so excited to see his Big sister dancing. At the end of every song he shouted a loud YAY! (Just like he does when he plays the audience at home during one of Sophia's Hannah Montana performances!!!)

And here's another picture of the other audience members! Sophia was thrilled to strut her stuff for all of her favorite people: Daddy, Thea, Auntie E, Yiayia, Pappou and Omi. Yiayia and Omi were so busy taking pictures themselves that I didn't get a picture of them!!

After the tap routine, we also got to see what Sophia has been learning in ballet! She seemed to have a lot of fun twirling and showing off the moves she had learned at the ballet bar. She even got to do a solo routine and wasn't even nervous!!! The only disappointment.... when Miss Marilyn handed her a BLUE ribbon to twirl. Sophia's face was priceless. I could see her eyeing the two girls beside her who both got PINK ribbons. I thought she just might swipe the pink ones from their hands....but she kept her cool (until the end, of course, when she was quick to inform me that her ribbon was just TOO DARK!! :))

Here's a picture of her dance class with Miss Marilyn at the end of their performance.

A few final pictures of our proud little Sophia! Even her "little bother" (as Sophia calls him) was proud of his BIG sister!


mom2four said...

So sweet! Isn't Miss Marilyn great? Katie is switching to gymnastics at Diamond but Allie will now be taking dance with Miss Marilyn. Wow, Sophia will love next year's spring recital!

Kelsey Bakalar said...

Amalia, Marilyn taught me at Bellers when I was a little girl! I also apprenticed (helped) in her classes as I got older. She's great! Sophia is such a sass...I love it! She was made for the stage. :)

yiayia said...

My princess! She was (of course in our eyes) the cutest cutest cutest one there!!!! We LOVED every single minute. Are we lucky or what!!!!!!! <3