Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Swimmers

We took the plunge today...first day at the pool this summer and Sam's first swim!  I didn't bring my camera to the pool...b/c I didn't want to be taking pictures and missing out on the fun while we were we took some pictures before we left the house!

Thanks Thea for getting this last shot of all of's impossible to get a picture with all three kiddos looking at the camera...but at least we were all in one spot:)

It was pretty hot for an early June the water felt pretty nice especially after walking to the pool with a heavy load of towels, snacks, pool toys, floaties, etc.  Sophia had fun going down the water slide, Joseph loved playing with his new toys and making new friends in the baby pool (not sure why he wasn't really into the big pool) and Sam....well he just relaxed and floated like a super champ in the big pool!  He had a pretty serious look on his face the entire time...but no tears! YAY!  Glad Daddy was there to help out for our first trip to the pool this summer!  That extra set of hands sure helps!!!

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yiayia said...

I LOVE SUMMER-----They all looked so cute in their summer uni's. I loved Sam's smile!!!! Cute summer family pix. <3