Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Surgery Day

Our little guy had a little surgery yesterday morning.... As you can see....he is already well on the road to recovery!  

He was a trooper....didn't even cry...although he told me he felt tears coming out when we gave him one last hug before he headed off to the operating room.

He didn't sleep much during the day afterwards...but seemed to enjoy watching lots of movies and cartoons...and was especially thrilled when his favorite neighbor stopped by to give him a new Cars book and some ring pops!!!

Here is little J in his gown ready for surgery...he brought Woody and a blanket with him.  Joseph chose to wear  his hospital bracelet around his leg rather than his wrist.  He thought it was pretty neat that even Woody got a hospital bracelet.

Here is Big Sister Sophia taking advantage of the all day tv marathon after her Vacation Bible School!  She is such a sweet sweet Big Sister.  She even woke up early to tell J good-bye and make sure that I had given him the sweet card and yellow car she had made for him:)

Here is her little card she made....she of course drew a race car for her brother who adores all things with wheels!

And little Sam couldn't miss out either! Here he is relaxing in his bouncy!

Here are a few pics of him I snapped last Friday when I was working at my desk and looked over to these super happy grins!

And last but not least....we've been on summer vacation for about 3 weeks now....and already time to invent a good behavior/reward chart.  I found this idea here and tweaked it a bit to work for us.

Every time I spot good behavior, good manners, etc.... the kids get to move a gumball into the machine.  We've chosen 7 as our magic once someone has 7 gumballs inside the machine ( I glued magnets to the back of each and attached everything to a magnet board) then they get to choose something fun to do!  We'll see how this works...hopefully it will help us maintain some sanity here this summer:)

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koki said...

Glad J is on the way to recovery! Know I'm biased but they are all just too sweet and perfect! Xxooo thea